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What is Revolution?

What does it look like?

Revolution doesn’t have to come from a Ballot Box

a Jury Box, or even a Bullet Box.

It can come from your mouth. It’s as easy as; Just Say No!

  • No to the Banks.
  • No to the SSA.
  • No to the “Strawman” tricks.
  • No to the “Mortgage” banking industry.
  • No to their cadre of insurance companies.
  • No to all 20,000 gun laws, every one of them a Second Amendment violation.
  • No to the IRS and being “Forced under penalty of perjury” to sign your name.
  • No to the DMV and their “license”. And while we’re at it;
  • No to ALL “licenses”! Period! Exception? Airplane pilots and other commercial “Drivers”.
  • No to the “Code” enforcer. I know how to build. (BTW, The Amish don’t ask the “code enforcer” for “permission” to raise a barn; why do I have to?).
  • No to forced “registration” of YOUR car. It’s YOUR CAR! It is not a commercial “vehicle”.
  • No to “mandated” “public” “education”. Government schools are nothing more than an old subversive Prussian tactic, used to “brainwash” vulnerable and impressionable children before they can reason for themselves. Mind-numbed robots are easier to fool.
  • No to people who say to you, “You have to” - This or that.
  • No to ALL of the laws that are not only not laws, but are your responsibility to disobey. We the People decide what is “Constitutional” or not.
  • No to EVERY SINGLE ENCUBENT running for re-election.
  • No to the “Zip Code”. It’s a flim-flam, a ruse, a fraud.
  • No to using your SSN. It a fraud, a ruse, a flim-flam.
  • No to surprise, “traffic” roadblocks. They’re unconstitutional. Period.
  • No to ALL other violations of our natural rights. Period!

Is that enough or do we need to go on?

My point is;

Open your Mouth, don't be afraid to say NO & Pull your “butt” out of the game;

  • Pull your kids out of “public school”.
  • Take your money out of the “bank”.
  • STOP! Using your SSN. It’s not even yours.
  • Stop eating “Junk” food. You are what you eat!
  • Get OFF of those Pharmaceuticals and seek natural healing instead. You are what you eat!
  • Stop believing everything “they” say.
  • Stop voting. Period!
  • Rescind: Your Voter Registration,
  • your "vehicle" registration,
  • your "school" registration,
  • your gun registration,
  • your business registration and
  • and any other "registration" you have unwittingly agreed to without your express consent.
  • Stop watching the “Boob Tube”.
  • Put down that extra plate of processed food and grow a garden. You are what you eat!
  • Get off your butt and walk somewhere instead of taking your car.
  • Recycle, re-purpose, re-use, everything you can.
  • Compost if you can. Move to the country if you can’t. There’s a ton of space out there.
  • Make a deal with your neighbor instead of the “Code” guy.
  • Barter and trade, use real gold and silver to trade value for value when needed.
  • Refuse to accept their terms anymore! We are the People! “They” work by our pleasure and with the “privileges” we give them. Period!

You don't need to SIGN ANYTHING to be free! Just Say No!

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That's been my problem from the beginning. How do I get this message to sink into the minds of all the blind flag waving followers?

If you want to know how to get out of the 'box' they've trapped you in go here ...

Copper Moonshine Stills ..

On the left is a menu - scroll down to the 4th article from the bottom ..

Beat the Law/Diplomatic Immunity/State Citizenship Passport

I went there but no left hand column downloaded on the site.

If you go to the site, look on left side of page, scroll down to the 4th article from bottom it will say 'Beat the Law etc. put cursor on the article title and click. Let me know if it works. It does for me.

For information regarding this method .. Click here to download Passport Ending Treason. State Citizen passport


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