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THIS IS A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE, against AMFF Commander and hero of The Battle Of Bunkerville and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge campaign to restore the Rule of Ninth and TENTH Amendment Law and Order, RYAN PAYNE.

Ryan helped to SAVE the VERY LIVES, Liberty and Property of over 3000+ men, women and children in an UNMITIGATED NIGHTMARE OF ALL AMERICANS, by the FBI, DOJ, DHS, ATF, and BLM who attempted to use US Gov Sniper Teams and over 200 tactically Battlefield dressed Field Agents w/ FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to MURDER up to 3000. This must NOT STAND!

"What, Sir, is the use of a militia?
It is to prevent the establishment
of a standing army, the bane of liberty. ...
Whenever Governments mean to invade
the rights and liberties of the people,
they always attempt to destroy the militia,
in order to raise an army upon their ruins." 
Quote by: Elbridge Gerry
(1744-1814) of Massachusetts, Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Member of the Constitutional Convention 
Source: spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment, I Annals of Congress at 750, August 17, 1789

DOJ, FBI, and US Gov, Anna J. Brown JUDICIAL TYRANT Sentenced the Honorable and Noble Constitutional Super Patriot Hero Ryan Payne to 37 months ADDITIONAL imprisonment on top of being a Political Prisoner for two years, without the Right to bail, already!:

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE! He was EXTORTED by the US Government in to pleading Guilty to "lessen his sentence", ALL OTHERS, of nearly fifty, who plead INNOCENT, WON and are free!

The Court and the US Government FORCED him / EXTORTED HIM to LIE and Plead Guilty, even though he is innocent under Constitutional / 7th Amendment Common Law!

----> US Government Judge Anna J. Brown LITERALLY Sentenced the Honorable AMFF troop Commander Ryan Payne AS AN EXAMPLE to all Americans who STAND for THE RULE of Constitutional Ninth and/OR TENTH Amendment Law and Order. Laws which expressly PROHIBIT the US Gov from owning or managing any land within any State of The Union!

THIS IS just ANOTHER REASON, PROOF and EVIDENCE in REAL TIME, why We The People NEED to Keep and Bear Arms to protect our Constitutional Laws, our Human and Civil unalienable Rights endowed us by our Creator against our Judicial ENEMIES of our Supreme Laws Of The Land, protect our LIVES, LIBERTY and PROPERTY from the Constitutionally contemptuous and unmitigated CORRUPT Judges from Sea to Shining Sea.

IT IS THE LIKES OF US GOVERNMENT JUDICIAL TYRANT Capital Felony Treasonous Anna J. Brown, enemy of The Constitution and Bill Of Rights, THAT CAUSED and ENABLED the US Government to attempt the COLD BLOODED MURDER of 3000+ men, women and children at The Bundy Ranch / The Battle Of Bunkerville, where RYAN PAYNE and the AMERICAN MILITIA FREEDOM FORCES Saved their LIVES, LIBERTY and PROPERTY!

And, caused the COLD BLOODED Murder of our Honorable and Noble Constitutional Patriot LaVoy Finicum and the attempted MURDERS of Shawna Cox, Ryan Bundy who still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder, and the lovely and gracious 18 year old Bible singer Victoria Sharp, who were riding with LaVoy in his pickup truck to John Day Oregon where over 450 Oregonians were waiting to hear the Constitutional Patriots speak.

And, GET THIS, Oregon Governor Kate Brown said on at least two different TV News interviews that she had to "STOP THE BUNDYS and LaVoy Finicum from SPREADING The Virus (of our Ninth and TENTH Amendment laws) into the next County"! - - OH MY GOD!

HOW CAN ANY AMERICAN TRUST The Deep State? And/or ANY of our Judges, who will not even allow our Supreme Laws of The Land in their Courtrooms before the Jury of our Peers?

-------> AND, ABOVE ALL, In The Name Of God <---> REMEMBER why We The People "ordained and established" The SECOND Amendment Law upon ALL of our Public Servants; POTUS, Congress, upon the SCOTUS and UPON JUDICIAL TYRANT Judge Anna J. Brown --> ENEMY of The Supreme Law Of The Land called The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights... <-------

-------> And, if you STILL DON'T or REFUSE TO REMEMBER The Above, then for the sake of your FAMILY remember this video TO PREVENT even FAR worse MASS KILLINGS in the future:<-------

----> WHO IS GOING TO ARREST our TREASONOUS Constitutional ENEMY of THE LAW, Judge Anna J. Brown, and BRING HER TO JUSTICE? <----

----> IN THE NAME OF God, WHEN ARE We The People Going to SUPPORT and "Execute The Laws of The Union", pursuant to Article I Section 8 clause 15, the Supreme Laws of The Land, which We "ordained and established" upon our enemy of The Constitution and The Rule Of Law, Judge Anna J. Brown, to "secure The Blessings Of Liberty TO OURSELVES and OUR POSTERITY"? ? ? <----

Si vis pacem, para bellum,

- Capt. Karl
National Chairman and Senior Adviser
- The A-TEAM
- The AMERICAN MILITIA FREEDOM FORCES (AMFF) of Article I Section 8 clause 15 of The Constitution AND of The SECOND Amendment

- Who Deployed to The Battle of Bunkerville (2014) and to The Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover (2016) campaigns to Restore the Rule of Ninth and TENTH Amendment Law and Order

AMFF - The "FATAL FUNNEL" Specialists Since The Shot Heard Around The World on April 19th, 1775.

AMFF Constitutional MISSION / Responsibility / DUTY under Article I Section 8 clause 15:

"To execute the (9th & 10th Amendments and balance of Constitution and Bill Of Rights) Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions"

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We lost our constitutional government long ago. When Obama was installed the liberals were planning to celebrate the death of USA. How many Americans remember Waco,and Ruby Ridge. Both were illegal actions against American citizens and authorized by Clinton Administration. We the people have to stand with our Militia or forever lose our country.

The Congress called Korea a "Police Action", since then, Congress has allowed our military to fight in Viet Nam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the civil wars of other nations, or clandestine actions all over the globe, including to put a King back, on his throne, in Muslim Kuwait,

all, while unleashing armed federal agents, utilizing military garb & equipment, to imprison and murder citizens, ignoring Constitutional restraints and the individual rights of citizens.

Our government has been off the rails and run amuck, since the 1800s, to the point that a large segment of our society, including activist judges, no longer holds the Constitution as valid, let alone as THE LAW of THE LAND!

The Socialist Globalists want The Constitution out of their way and most citizens haven't a clue what protections it provides, even though, much of it has been unlawfully eroded and erroneously changed. 

Congress dawdles and postures, but shirks its Constitutional duty, at every turn... they divested their responsibility for issuing the nations currency and managing the monetary system. They turned that responsibility over to The Fraudulent Reserve, a private cartel of international bankers & robber barons.

Their shameless acts of failure to declare war or withhold the deployment of troops to battle, in foreign lands, only promoted corruption & waste, while benefitting lobbyists, the International Bankers and The Military Industrial Complex, but such an enormous cost in the blood and treasure to our nation has been heart breaking..

Congress continues to vote themselves benefits & salary increases, while excluding themselves from the laws they legislate for the citizenry. They grow the bureaucracy like personal empires to bring in more funds, extracted from wage earners, to increase their personal power and constantly avoid term limits.

How we get back to our Original Constitution, based on Natural Law?

How do we right The Ship of State?

I think we all know the answer to your question, how do we get Back to our Original Constitution, based on natural law?  How do we right The Ship of State"?

The bigger question is...who has the balls to do it?

Who among us is going to (be able to) arrest a sitting judge?

So what are you tellin' me, Ken?  Time to... uhh, Git A Rope?

"Who among us is going to (be able to) arrest a sitting judge?"

To answer your question as shortly as I can;

Randy Kelton, Rule of Law Radio host and Judge Arrester.

That's Who!


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