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This is an excerpt from "The Blaze"

"Freedom Knocks! Open UP!"

- Ten year old girl at the steps of the Washington State Capitol building.

This the Notice attached the door of the Capitol building.

List of Grievances


1. Militarizing police and SWAT Teams.

2. Stockpiling of Ammunition while Limiting the Rights of Citizens to Purchase Ammunition.

3. Distributing License Plate Readers meant to track the movement of law-abiding citizens.

4. Tracking Cell-Phones with Stingray Devices.

5. Turning Cell-Phones into Roving Listening Devices.

6. Creating Longitudinal Databases to Track Citizens from Birth to Death.

7. Carrying Out Military Drills and Lockdowns in American Cities.

8. Tracking People via Facial Recognition.

9. Using the TSA to Create Databases of “Suspect Citizens”.

10. Carrying out Soft Target Checkpoints.

11. Directing Government Workers to Spy on Americans.

12. Suspending Habeas Corpus in a Time of Peace with NDAA.

13. Using Drones to Spy on Citizens and Map Their Property.

14. Directing Government Workers to Spy on Americans and create Linkage Charts of Patriotic Americans.

15. Conducting Widespread Spying Networks Using Fusion Centers and Listing Americans as “Terrorists” Without Trial.

16. Carrying Out Constitution-Free Border Control Searches

17. Funding City-Wide Surveillance Cameras

18. The State governor demanding that the Washington State Patrol violate their own oath to the Constitution by authorizing them to suppress the people’s right to the First and Second Amendments through threats of arrest and force.

19. The State Legislature unlawfully and deceitfully reclassifying firearms as “props”.

20. The state legislature arbitrarily denying the right of a group of adults, based on their age, from viewing their government proceedings if they choose to exercise their Second Amendment right.

21. The state legislature continuing to allow the federal government to illegally lay claim to and hold lands belonging to the people of the state of Washington.

22. Infringement upon the unalienable basic right to self-defense of the people through unjust laws that violate not only the federal and state Constitution but natural law.

23. Taxation without representation, through unlawful and unnecessary taxes and fees charged for the exercise of rights, and the repeated refusal of the state legislature to hear and act in accordance with the will of the people and the Constitution that binds their power.

24. The passing of rules in secret by the State House, State Senate, Speaker pro tempore, and the Lieutenant Governor, that directly violate the rules of the people.

25. The abuse of power by elected officials such as (but not limited to) Rep. Laurie Jinkins and Rep. Jim Moeller, who have used their positions to exert control over the people and deny them their rights.

26. The allowance of judges to legislate from the bench that a police officer’s ignorance of the law is grounds for the violation of the People’s rights

I can't wait for this one to pan out. How about you?

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It's not going to happen unless we arrest and convict every person in government and the judicial system for violating their oath of office by not voting for anything constitutional and try them for treason.

As for all the different agencies of government including the police who falsely arrest people, they need to be jailed for violating people's GOD given rights.

Robert, I believe you meant unconstitutional when you were commenting about the legislators who vote for any bill that violates the Constitution of the several States and of the Federal Constitution.

And YES it is not only our right to arrest them, but OUR DUTY to do so. I would be happy to do so myself, but these traitors to their oaths have the Police, who mistakenly are trained Guard dogs to protect the corruption in OUR Government. That needs to change before WE THE PEOPLE can lawfully arrest these oath bearing public officials and hold them accountable for their treasonous violations against their oaths of office they swore to uphold OUR Constitution and protect it from ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

Our public employees seem to hold themselves above the Constitution, and by the powers vested in WE THE PEOPLE by the Almighty creator we cannot rest until we restore OUR Constitution. Is that what you were trying to say?

Have a fantastic day Sir, and I look forward to the day when WE THE PEOPLE arrest and hold for TRIAL these  public servants who think their Constitutional oaths were a trivial matter to  be violated at will with no discretion by these usurpers who think themselves above their oaths of office.

Until that day, we remain nothing more then chattel to these would be Plantation owners. The penalty for treason is death is it not? Then and only then will these employees learn that their oath is their DUTY and the price for violating their oaths is the ultimate penalty.

very true!!!!  right now corrupt politicians don't fear the Constitution and citizens!!!!!

It is “TIME” to hold all judges accountable we are “NOW” venturing into a massive campaign to expose the out of control judicial corruption (RICO) across America. We will be serving “every” federal judge and filing in all 94 Federal District Courts across America simultaneously. NOW IS THE TIME to pay attention and become active. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED, it’s your duty!

Go to www.nationallibertyalliance.org  Get involved.  Pray for our great country

Glad to see you're on board with the NLA, so am I!

We The People are AWAKE, and we are ready to serve our Country, unlike most elected officials who think lightly of the Might of We The People. They will be held accountable to US. And they know of our presence and we are taking back what is rightly ours as it was always ours and only by usurpation and abuse of our rights did they even come to power.

Those days are rapidly dwindling, and their actions are delayed only by our mutual consent. I do not CONSENT, when sufficient numbers no longer consent, we will take up our rightful place in Liberty. We must not allow further delays in our pursuit of our rights, granted  by the Almighty.

To those who are watching us, your usurpations are doomed, and they are in need of correction by We The People.

"When the people fear their Government, there is tyranny, when the Government fears it's people, there is Freedom."  - Thomas Jefferson.

This is very very strong and good - it destroys many Progressive myths. Presented by: Mimi The Republican Party pioneered the right of women to vote and was consistent in its support throughout the...

Rod Class DC Gun Case Exposes the War Powers Act of 1917


Rod Class exposes the corruption in Washington D. C.


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