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This was one of many replies to Feinstein's anti-gun legislation. I believe there are some poignant lessons in this reply.

See if you agree:

Reply: by Larry V

The fact remains that neither she, (Dianne Feinstein), nor any member of our federal government has the Constitutional authority to ban anything, especially firearms!  No federal government, associated agency nor branch has ever granted any "U.S. Citizen" any right whatsoever that I am aware of.  Our founders wrote down our Natural God Given Rights, nothing more, so that everyone would understand what our rights are.

Where does the government get off thinking that they can alter, add to or take away any portion of our U.S. Constitution?  By our own actions, or should I say, the Lack of, is why we are in the mess we are today.

We the People need to force our voices and demands upon them so that they fully understand that we have had enough of their Bull and Treasonous acts against our country, our freedoms and our natural way of life as well our Constitution.

We the People are the core reason why our country has turned down the lane toward a cesspool of controversy and division;  because we have allowed the federal government to have their way for too long and on too many issues.

Per our Declaration of Independence, it is our duty and obligation to throw off this government and to form a new one, a Constitutional one. An administration full of people who listen to and obey the Will of the People, the ones who placed all of them in office to begin with!

Until I see organizations such as States for Convention become motivated enough to call for the commencement of Article V, I will not get my hopes up that anything is going to change any time soon.

For me, I have been hammering our state's 2 U.S. Senators for close to 7 years now, trying to get through their thick skulls that they are (our Representatives*) only, NOT our dictators. We have had just about enough of their arrogant denial of who they truly are.

Luckily, however, we have some of our states who are now standing up to the feds and telling them where to get off.  Like the feds anti-firearms bills they try to push, some of our states have passed legislation that they will not allow any federal agent to come into our jurisdictions and attempt to enforce their anti-firearms misfits.  There are 8 states the last I heard with Kansas spearheading the move.  

Also, a federal judge ruled against Eric Holder's anti-firearms bill as well, one that would make it illegal to sell a handgun to anyone who is not a resident where the individual wishes to purchase one.  Holder ask the judge for a dismissal of the suit but was denied and he wound up losing so that is a plus for all of us.

At any rate, it is going to take at least 2/3 of our country to put the feds back in line again and until we do, morons like Feinstein will reign and continue pushing their feces as hard as they can.

* - Editor's Note - According to the Constitution, U.S. Senators are supposed to represent the interests of the state by who's legislatures they were originally appointed. They are NOT now nor were they ever supposed to be representatives of the people. They are there in Congress Assembled, to protect such interests as garbage being dumped from another state, into waterways, on adjacent land areas, etc. or other such state to state concerns, not associate with individual rights, etc. The other half, The House is supposed to do that. Separation of Powers. Congress divided; One part elected politician, there to protect the individual rights of the people themselves and one part trusted appointee, there to protect the state and to be fired at a moment's notice should it be necessary to protect the state. The 17th Amendment did not change their responsibilities, but it sure did change their status as "elected cronies" instead of trusted appointees.

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The power of the Grand jury is the same power as those who live in their states but its taken many years to disrupt that truth. working with a dialectic which can change in a moments notice laws which control the powers which  were given to the people by God.   

These  aren't taken from them by force  Its the very use of Government schools with the government's narrative which is controlling all education, which in turn controls this paradigm Under its teachings only a few have broken through the paradigm and are now able to spread the truth.

My question is; "How do you get masses who are drugged by their water, their food and their schools to adjust their minds to concepts foreign to what they have been taught?

It has taken years and thanks to the internet we have resounding success; but at what point does it tip into our favor? And into today's controlled environment is 3% enough to stop this tyranny?

Remember these tyrants know that if they lose, their lives are over. These are the same people who control the money, our politicians and the very core of the federal government.

To speak out too much is to be censored, by any means. The applying of the Dialectic mandates that the masses must be kept ignorant of their plans. We are at the fissures edge I feel. We either look down the long chasm as we fall or we gather up our intestinal fortitude find our direction and push back.

Am I being clear here?

You are being very clear. We have to keep "preaching to the choir." It's good for the moral.

I was a charter member of the "Flat Earth Society" as far as this "Grand Jury" subject goes, I'm learning very slowly and it takes a long time to dissolve what's been calcified into my thought process. Over the past several years I've picked up good solid information about how to overcome the overreaching government. NDAA, BLM land grabs and other things.

I came across a Grand Jury by accident here in Las Vegas, NV. There are about a dozen issues that need to be addressed and it's time consuming. I feel that one convert at a time will be the best and only means until we can get a physical central location with a strong recruiting program going. Just don't give up the ship.

Thank you

You are now.

Well Legal,

That may be true, but the people never dictate; we Democrophize and Republicate. And you can quote me on that. We can "vote" 'em out, but we never "dictate". Also try using your GJ in your county to prosecute the very judges who will be hearing the case(s). Let me know how that goes for you.

with the computerized voting machines and the lack of protection I doubt these elections will be the peoples voting only programmers being paid to elect.

Others with the experience in GJ situation need to report on that.


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