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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 9, 2014


There have been efforts to discredit a man who has served, honorably, in the United States Army, active duty from June 2001 through January 2006.

The question arises out of whether he was an Airborne Ranger, or, an Airborne ranger. Hardly a violation of the Stolen Valor Act. Instead, well, let's look at what he did do.

Prior to his separation from service, he received The Army Commendation Medal. The citation reads:

The Army Commendation Medal
Sergeant Ryan W. Payne
F Co, 51st Infantry, 519th Military Intelligence Battalion
For exceptionally meritorious service as a long range surveillance senior scout observer and assistance team leader. Sergeant Payne brought to every mission outstanding initiative, professionalism, and dedication to duty. His selfless service has been in the finest military tradition and reflects great credit upon himself, the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, and the United States Army.
 From 1 March 2002 to 1 January 2006

Note that he served "as a long range surveillance senior scout observer and assistance team leader."Not only were their Rangers doing "long range surveillance", there were Airborne qualified personnel doing "long range surveillance" They did the same duties as a Ranger, though they were only rangers. They did not earn the tab "Ranger", and Payne has never claimed that he had earned the tab.

I hope that we haven't come to the point that when his sons asks, "what did you do in the War, Daddy?", he would have to say that he was a long range "hiker", since ranger has become politically incorrect.

Ryan received another Army Commendation Medal, as well. That citation reads:

The Army Commendation Medal
Spc. Ryan W. Payne
Exemplary Service during combat operations with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from 19 March 2003 to 05 June 2003 in Iraq. His selfless service and duty performance during Operation Iraqi Freedom contributed significantly to the Division's success in liberating three key cities and to the establishment of a Free Iraq. His professionalism and commitment to excellence reflect great credit on him, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and the United States Army.

However, the nit pickers, in their efforts to demean Ryan Payne, have chosen to attack his successful (read the citations, again) "meritorious service" at Bunkerville, holding the chaotic mass of militia and molding them into a cohesive force, by attacking his likewise successful service to his country as the tool to accomplish their nefarious objective.

No, the is not a case of "Stolen Valor", it is simply a case of "Stealing Valor".

This article can be found on line at: Stealing Valor

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Ref: Ryan Payne
Did he claim to be something that he didn't earn? Like being pregnant. Just haveng sex doesn't make you an automatic Mom. I'm retired Navy. I can swim, run and shoot. Doesn't make a SEAL. I can read and wright. Doesn't make me a Ph. D. Close but no cigar still don't cut it. Did he make a false claim?

I just took the opinion poll. I would have liked a comment space. If Sheriff Mack got what he wanted. Mission accomplished. If he didn't, mission was a failure.

That "Opinion Poll" was a total joke!  What kind of a poll tells you what box to check.

Obviously, whomever wrote the poll knows nothing about polling.  Very disappointing!

We have heard allegations that he lied about his military record, but unsubstantiated allegations are considered hearsay. Provide evidence before you jump to conclusions. Ryan claims that he never misrepresented truth about his record. Unless you can prove otherwise I believe that he should be considered innocent until he is proven guilty.

What I "heard", when Payne showed up he quickly started complaining about the way the "forces" were set up ... then, appointing himself as the Scene Commander.

Only problem, Cliven never agreed to that ... just what I heard.

Sorry, Gary, Keith, but he lied. And you are covering for him.

What he did, if what you say is accurate, was already better than what 99% of veterans did, so he didn't have to lie, as that is nothing to be ashamed of. But he lied, which is kind of pathological. Trust is important.

Good point  "... if what you say is accurate".  I see tons of innuendo, but nothing backed up by a real time transcript.

I was beginning to call this the Ritchie Mack hit list.

How do you know that Ryan made the claims you attribute to him. Is it possible someone else may have identified him as a former Ranger. Please provide some evidence that the accusation that he lied has merit. Who said he lied? Accusations that are not substantiated are not considered hearsay.

The accusation that Payne lied is not a fact, it is an unsubstantiated allegation and without evidence to support the claim it is merely hearsay. Please provide me with some hard evidence and I will gladly consider the evidence.

This would be funny if it wasnt so divisive. Keith you initiated the Brouhaha you can end it by terminating the thread rather than throwing gas on it. I appreciate you efforts over the years but this is starting to look personal. I see no good coming from this. 

Thank you for your input. Would you call me at (951) 282-3271

You are making an assumption that he lied/ Is it possible that he never made the claim that he was a Ranger and that those attacking him are doing so for political purposes. If he did in fact portray himself as a Ranger and lied about his military record he is guilty as charged, but in America we are presumed innocent until we are proven guilty. The tendency of the American people is to rush to judgment and that is a problem we must overcome.

Wow, I guess that guy Payne should calim the Medal of Honor also.


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