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May 9, 2014


There have been efforts to discredit a man who has served, honorably, in the United States Army, active duty from June 2001 through January 2006.

The question arises out of whether he was an Airborne Ranger, or, an Airborne ranger. Hardly a violation of the Stolen Valor Act. Instead, well, let's look at what he did do.

Prior to his separation from service, he received The Army Commendation Medal. The citation reads:

The Army Commendation Medal
Sergeant Ryan W. Payne
F Co, 51st Infantry, 519th Military Intelligence Battalion
For exceptionally meritorious service as a long range surveillance senior scout observer and assistance team leader. Sergeant Payne brought to every mission outstanding initiative, professionalism, and dedication to duty. His selfless service has been in the finest military tradition and reflects great credit upon himself, the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, and the United States Army.
 From 1 March 2002 to 1 January 2006

Note that he served "as a long range surveillance senior scout observer and assistance team leader."Not only were their Rangers doing "long range surveillance", there were Airborne qualified personnel doing "long range surveillance" They did the same duties as a Ranger, though they were only rangers. They did not earn the tab "Ranger", and Payne has never claimed that he had earned the tab.

I hope that we haven't come to the point that when his sons asks, "what did you do in the War, Daddy?", he would have to say that he was a long range "hiker", since ranger has become politically incorrect.

Ryan received another Army Commendation Medal, as well. That citation reads:

The Army Commendation Medal
Spc. Ryan W. Payne
Exemplary Service during combat operations with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from 19 March 2003 to 05 June 2003 in Iraq. His selfless service and duty performance during Operation Iraqi Freedom contributed significantly to the Division's success in liberating three key cities and to the establishment of a Free Iraq. His professionalism and commitment to excellence reflect great credit on him, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and the United States Army.

However, the nit pickers, in their efforts to demean Ryan Payne, have chosen to attack his successful (read the citations, again) "meritorious service" at Bunkerville, holding the chaotic mass of militia and molding them into a cohesive force, by attacking his likewise successful service to his country as the tool to accomplish their nefarious objective.

No, the is not a case of "Stolen Valor", it is simply a case of "Stealing Valor".

This article can be found on line at: Stealing Valor

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"Ryan Payne claims to be a Ranger. He is not. I took a course for EMT I am not a doctor. I learned battle field triage, I am not a medic."

I totally agree! 

What would everyone think if they knew there has been claims by Payne himself  working as a military contractor? 

I have been told by the militia CA State Commander, when he first arrived up at the Bundy Ranch, he noticed a group of guys walking around all wearing BLACK WATER shirts. One of the men in this group was Ryan Payne. When Payne was asked why Blackwater was at the ranch, Payne said, "I don't work with Blackwater, I work for CRAFT International." This information has been known by a few of these "behind the scene" people who have decided to not allow this information to be shared with the patriot community . So in my opinion all this "stealing Valor" has only been an intentional distraction so the more damaging questions about  Payne's work history as a private military contractor, won't be addressed... 

Ask yourself why this information has been held back? 



I found this on the CRAFT web site.. This sounds like the type of skills one would need to be able to walk  into a situation like the Bundys and "take control" of the inexperienced patriot's and militia. 

Randy DeHay started his 9 year military career with the 82nd airborne where he served as a scout sniper in his first deployment to Afghanistan. Soon after he joined 7th SFG serving as a SF operator and sniper on ODA 782 completing numerous combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His military school experience includes: US Army Sniper School, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, Special Forces Qualification Course, Airborne, and US Army Ranger School.

As a Special Forces Weapons Sgt. (18B), Randy has a broad range of teaching experience in both the military and private sector. From uneducated illiterate indigenous forces, to special operations personnel, to civilians who arejust beginning, and up to elite Police SWAT units.

This is once again, has taken everyone off the true issue at hand.... The issue in my mind is not about whether Bundy is a racist or if Payne is a real Ranger. The issue is what is going to happen when the force comes back and why hasn't anyone mentioned a plan to help with this open FBI investigation that is about to round up all the REAL PATRIOTS who were man enough to actually take action while all the key board commandos sat and did nothing? When are people going to stop falling for these tactics that are "thrown" out to intentionally get everyone distracted and focusing on other issues.. This deliberate distraction of "stealing Valor" is just as obvious as when the "racist" card was played. Stop getting distracted and lets discuss the real issues that everyone should be focusing on... This web site is called "CONSTITUTION CLUB."  Does anyone have any thoughts on how we will be able to keep these men from getting rounded up by the FBI? Also what is the current status with  people who are still out at the Bundy Ranch? 

Our attorney Larry Klayman volunteered to help and did not receive a very good reception. Others who may be exposed to this federal bullying:

Thanks for your email. 

Exclusive: Larry Klayman hammers federal 'Darth Vaders' over ongoing Bundy probe

Recommendation:  Get a written statement from Payne; print it soon;  Then, get off the subject; The Constitution Club's Enemies are eating up this they said - we said - he said - who said pitter-patter, and sending it hither and yon, to discredit the Club.

Is this a propaganda site or is it supposed to be about promoting and educating on the CONSTITUTION?

This site was created for individuals that have brains that are willing to think for themselves rather than being obedient lap dogs that swallow everything they are told hook,line and sinker. I am not telling you what to think, I am asking you to think outside of the box that those in the shadows have created for you.

A brain that is not being used to think with is nothing more than a hat rack. Open your mind and your eyes. You have been the recipient fo government propaganda for your entire life, Isn't it about time to think critically and draw your own conclusions.

Any of you folks going to or supporting Operation American Spring?

I planned to go George but spending the week at the Bundy Ranch makes that impossible now.

Stolen or Stealing? Ranger or ranger? This ludicrous thread is demeaning to all involved. Reminds me of the screwballs claiming you can't use the term trespassing unless you're talking about animals. People can only commit trespass! What the would-be gurus do not understand is that trespassing is the act of committing a trespass. When people start barking about meaningless verbiage, it makes me wonder what their real agenda is. The important thing with the Bundy scenario is that they were attacked by foreign agents committing criminal trespass. Those foreign agents had no authority for being there. They stole and destroyed private property without a valid court order. They committed aggravated physical assault with arms. They placed their drawn weapons directly in the faces of unarmed people, including children. That is a felony assault! All of you are barking up the wrong tree.

This is what is at stake here: The federal government has absolutely NO AUTHORITY in the several states, except to exercise the powers conveyed upon it in the Enumerated Powers of Article I Section 8 of the Constitution. If we don't force the feds to live within the strict limitation of their authority, all this silly bickering you're engaged in here is worse than counterproductive.


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