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Taxes on incomes are unconstitutional. Using tax law to punish corporations instead won't work. People will ultimately, as individuals, absorb the cost of taxes in our new throw-away society. ELIMINATE THE IRS, don't use it. The worst corporation is The East India Co. aka The United States Federal Enclave.

All Corporations are a marriage of private free enterprise and backroom deals with lobbyists to convince attorney law makers to bend the codes their way. This is the same sick relationship that exists between the Banksters and almost ALL of the 191 countries on Planet Earth. Ever heard of The New World Order?

We cannot continue to sit back and claim the higher moral ground with troops and tanks being amassed in our back yards. We are being attacked. They're not even hiding it any more.

The IRS has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, targeting T-Party or other conservatives; openly preventing them from defeating their opponents. And when the people's Representatives investigate them for it, they deny it, then continue to do it more as if nothing happened; business as usual,eh? What do you call that?

How 'bout our money, taxes; the National debt? Fractional banking, the Mortgage industry with its usurious compounded interest? That's an attack on our money and national worth, is it not? What about 20,000 gun laws? The restrictions on everything you do? Permits, regulations, licenses, privileges?

How is it we don't recognize when we're being beaten down and UNDER ATTACK?

This girl recognizes it. Watch this video, then tell me what you think.

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Morton, you really cover a lot of territory under one topic! We're in agreement in the appraisal of our vulnerability. But one item--I need clarification: "All Corporations are a marriage of private free enterprise and backroom deals with lobbyists to convince attorney law makers to bend the codes their way." ALL CORPORATIONS? Most of the corporations I have dealt with were just mom and pops operating under 'S' designation to protect themselves from lawsuits and to keep from being raped twice by the IRS. '...backroom deals with lobbyists...' Okay, I admit there is that whole 'hookers n' pimps' thing going on, but it is really just a shakedown of businesses by Congressional Gangsters and con-artists. Businesses are forced to pay 'protection' money to Congressmen who claim to fight legislation punitive to their business, while they (congressmen) are the very proponents of that same legislation!

As for that alleged collusion between business and bureaucrats, we need to examine the relationship more closely; let's just follow the money. Who has the control (the ability to inflict pain), who has the money? Bureaucracies have control: they regulate, legislate, tax, and punish. Business has money. The money flows to the bureaucracy in an effort to reduce the pain it inflicts on business. This is not an unholy alliance; it's an extortion racket!

You paint ALL corporations with a brush that should focus only on Big Money (BM, sorry about the unfortunate, but appropriate, abbreviation) with evil intent, and always seeking an inequitable advantage. The fact that many BMs 'incorporate' for other reasons, shouldn't indict all corporations. BM also hides behind banks, associations, non-profits, unions, trusts, funds, charities, etc. BM interests operate differently from businesses. They, too, like bureaucrats, suck the blood of many businesses, often using their bureaucrat lackeys to do their dirty work. But unlike legitimate businesses, BM always initiates the contact with bureaucrats, offering incentive$ for certain 'favors'. Often those favors place their business competitors at a disadvantage, or give a BM interest a disproportionate advantage over competition. Congress collects on both ends. Soliciting bribes from BMs, accepting extortion pay-offs from businesses. Just sayin'.

All true; as well as Morton's comment above. I haven't been on here in a while but realize that I should have been. Ok.....we know the problems, so let's put our thinking caps on and focus on solutions.

We are going to need power via the numbers in order to even stand a chance of turning this thing around.  I am assuming that everyone knows by now where the BM lies? People are still somewhat afraid of saying "the name",  but I'm not. The black Pope (general of the Jesuits,) knights of Malta, 33rd degree Masons and the like. Through the centuries right to present times. Pure evil calling the shots.They have counted on their invisibility to deceive "we the people" for so long.....but they are very visible now indeed. Good ole Vatican City. What better place to hide?

Ok to get the word out to wake the Sheeple. Think about the best way of gathering the masses. I came up with this. Concerts by all of our best "like-minded" musicians; people love causes! How about this cause being "humanity"!!??  With key speakers in between sets, educating and promoting the "cause". With the music and words to back it up! Very powerful! Now, to find connections.

Does anyone know Willie Nelson, or any other like-minded popular groups or bands who have the connections to get the word out? I guess this one would have to be labeled "World Aid!" Any thoughts on this? We are running out of time and drastic measures are needed. Not nearly enough sheeple are awakened yet! Comments? 

The experts are saying that the economy (petrol dollar, etc) will crash this month. Gold backward gradation being only one example cited.. we are going to have to get creative on this one in a hurry people!!!  Comments?

This is for Terry and Carrie,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I changed the picture. I believe the picture says it all.

I replied but don't know if it worked or not.  what I said is that I really like it.  make it huge and in color.  the background for the BIG "world aid concert.  education and "mad as hell" take action, type thing.  and I also think it would be very effective to have a short video of aaron Russo's warning to humanity.  this one.  about 10 minutes.

For the uninitiated here this comment gives clearer understanding of what the "Income Tax" was intended to deal with when based on the "privileged" activities involving the Governments . The Government is lawfully ( and correctly so ) able to apply a tax as an excise on the "activities" involving the Governments because when it involves the Government then it is clearly within the Governments "jurisdiction", and because it is from Government "activities" it is a "privilege", which makes it proper to tax as such .

It is "privileged" activities that fall within the "jurisdiction" of Government that is the "target" of the Income Tax ! Most don't quite get this perspective that makes it "proper and necessary" and lawful to do.

It is very important to take notice that it applies to Government "privileged" activities producing income thus making it "liable" for the tax ( Taxpayer status! ) , a legal term defined in the IRC meaning "made liable for a tax", along with the legal term "trade or business" also defined in the IRC to "performing the functions of PUBLIC OFFICE"!

To perform a "trade or business" is to perform foreign trade involving Government (Federal) jurisdiction activities, and to perform "business" is to perform the Governments business . Both of which are "activities" of Government when acting through the Government taxing the activities ! These are the strongest clues in fact .

So the most important and powerful factors in deciphering what is confusing to most are these two prominent facts ; First ,the government must have "jurisdiction" to administer it's code . Second , the target of the tax must be something the Government has authority to administer it's code over!

This knowledge is gaining ground rapidly and its efficacy can be ascertained at the following website ; Lost in the testimonials section . 

Most of  the violations of our liberties can be seen to fall under these two categories of  misconstruction and abuse :1st) the requirement of Jurisdiction, and 2nd) the requirement of Consent ( making it "voluntary" ) !

So ponder this information until it sinks in and becomes clear before acting on anything else since these are the pillars of what makes the Income Tax a limited "excise" tax. 

Its the great American disease called fat, dumb, and happy. Pearl Harbor set a temporary cure to that.

It was Hartford Van Dyke's uncle who was the encryptologist (?) in Hawaii who discovered that the Japanese were going to attack, he and two others went to Pres. FDR and reported it and were jailed until the attack was over, so they couldn't prevent it. FDR was in on the attack, and nobody was going to stop it.

Was it the only way to get the fat dumb and happy awake? Would you do the same?

Very few people know that income tax is actually voluntary. In the free, on-line Constitution courses by Hillsdale College (sponsored by Sheriff Mack), I learned a TON of things. Statutes are not laws, executive orders are not laws,etc. Well worth the time to watch; not dry & boring. Given in 1-hr (or so) lectures. For those still fearful (inc. myself) of leans, garnishment, foreclosure, etc. might I suggest a passive-aggressive approach = file for an extension ? Automatically given the first time w/o question, then you can do it again w/ an explanation such as health problems, family emergencies, etc. The first time gives you 6 mo., never did it more than that. But 6 mo. of witholding our money will get "them" where it hurts ! Also, you can ask an employer to stop witholding taxes from your check, but only if you have the willpower to set the money aside yourself (for the inevitable). A small show of power from a lot of people would get our point across.


I must make an exclusion to your comments about the IRS and taxes. It is only voluntary if you do not work for the government or any other corporation. For those of us who refuse to be employed by the corporations, you are absolutely correct, it is voluntary, and I have voluntarily kept my money for most of 35 years, and I will never work for another corporation ever again, especially on government projects.

There is also another piece of valuable info. If you spell the name of the state out, in its entirety, and not use the 2 letter abbreviation for a state, and DON'T HAVE A ZIP CODE, you are not to be audited. If you want to use the Zip Code, use the Escobedo rule and put brackets around it. that makes that small piece of paper that the zip is written on a totally separate document not legally tied to the rest of the paper. If you use the 2 letter state abbreviation and the zip, you are giving evidence of operating a Federal Post Office, which ties you to commerce with the "Corporation". [97732]

Wayne, may I c/p your statement ? Can I also quote your source ?  Thank you....


I do not do well with abbreviations and have no clue what c/p means unless it is copy. If that is the case, I have no problem with it. One source is common sense. If you do not work for McDonald's, do their executives and administrators have any authority over you? Government is not our legitimate government, it is a corporation, and I do have copies of their corporate paperwork to prove it. It doesn't mean they won't violate your rights anyway, but if they do, you can sue them for it. After spending some time with someone learning the UBC (Uniform Bonding Code), I strongly suggest you use that method to have their bonds jerked. Bonding companies are in business to make money also, and they don't like having to pay for settlements, therefor they jerk the bonds of Public Servants who violate the rights of People. The problem is that the victims have to file criminal complaints on them, and most people have no clue about doing it. The Public Servants then have 30 days to report to the bonding company they are insured through, or they loose their bonds, and this means the State Insurance Commissioner has to report to the bonding company also, or he looses his bond. Same applies to state and local government franchises also. They can have their bonds jerked as well. 

If you are not given your remedy within 90 days, the bonding company will pay you, and then go after the collateral from those criminals they bonded who just happen to be your criminals in Public Servant positions. Obviously, they don't want you having that knowledge.

Pertaining to the Zip Codes, I read it out of the IRS codes somewhere, but I am not a walking library, so I can't tell you where to find it. I think I read it on some of Aaron Russo's material, but I don't recall for sure. I just still recall looking at it and reading it. I recall the info., but I have never had a knack for quoting where I got the info., and I'm sure they don't want you knowing that one either, so I doubt that they will tell you. I also recall reading and hearing several times that any time there is a statute that violates your rights, they have to provide a remedy. They just bury it to make it difficult to find.


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