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Taxes on incomes are unconstitutional. Using tax law to punish corporations instead won't work. People will ultimately, as individuals, absorb the cost of taxes in our new throw-away society. ELIMINATE THE IRS, don't use it. The worst corporation is The East India Co. aka The United States Federal Enclave.

All Corporations are a marriage of private free enterprise and backroom deals with lobbyists to convince attorney law makers to bend the codes their way. This is the same sick relationship that exists between the Banksters and almost ALL of the 191 countries on Planet Earth. Ever heard of The New World Order?

We cannot continue to sit back and claim the higher moral ground with troops and tanks being amassed in our back yards. We are being attacked. They're not even hiding it any more.

The IRS has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, targeting T-Party or other conservatives; openly preventing them from defeating their opponents. And when the people's Representatives investigate them for it, they deny it, then continue to do it more as if nothing happened; business as usual,eh? What do you call that?

How 'bout our money, taxes; the National debt? Fractional banking, the Mortgage industry with its usurious compounded interest? That's an attack on our money and national worth, is it not? What about 20,000 gun laws? The restrictions on everything you do? Permits, regulations, licenses, privileges?

How is it we don't recognize when we're being beaten down and UNDER ATTACK?

This girl recognizes it. Watch this video, then tell me what you think.

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Filing for an extension is one thing but if you owe taxes you will be charged interest and penalties per IRS regulation on day after the filing date in April. Also, per IRS regulations if yu do not withhold you may also owe interest and penalties when you file. Actually, income is immediately taxable upon receipt for most of us.

Only if you volunteer !?

If your intentions are to inform, and educate, you need to pick topics that also create a basic understanding of the cause of the problems we face. Gear your efforts toward exposing the creators of those problems. Start with the Council on Foreign Relations = CFR. The CFR  is our "invisible" govt.. It's appointed puppets have been following it's directives for generations.

The stated and documented goal of the CFR is one world govt. It is a created front - "think tank" of the globalist elite. Imposed on this Country in 1921 to "legally" influence the govt. in "foreign affairs". The puppets like Obama and the previous President's/administrations, have involved the U.S. in their created phony un-Constitutional wars to increase their powers of control in all foreign countries.

In 1913, they created the un-Constitutional private corporation "FEDERAL" reserve to finance both sides of their created phony un-Constitutional never ending conflicts/wars, while at the same time increasing the power and size of the govt.. and reducing the freedoms in America.

All of the history and evidence is all around us. So investigate, learn, then expose the international bankers/elite; educate and activate the unknowing American citizens.

Philip would it help if I change the picture? Go look, see if you like the new one.


How did you get the picture on here?  Every time I try it leaves the print on but takes the picture off.

Are you trying to copy and paste it somewhere else?

Philip, thank you for bringing CFR and it's cabal of miscreants to light. We know there are so many poison pills (Fed Reserve, useless and redundant agencies, government unions, etc.) implanted in our government, plus the most destructive time bomb of all: the bureaucratic cancer, eating away at our vital government organs.

What we need is a broad-sweeping solution. To dismantle this morass a piece at a time will only delay our ultimate destruction, which still fits the original design.

So here's the plan:

  1. we set a date for the reset, let's say January 1, 2016
  2. in the interim we develop a plan including:
  • which departments, agencies, etc. are to go
  • which organizations will be banned from any influence on government
  • financial goals
  • election procedures and management
  • etc.

We identify and recruit top, non-government people to manage the transition, and implement the plan. I know this is an oversimplification of the process, but you get the picture.

We could even go so far as to construct (on paper) exactly what our government will look like after 'reset', including key players, budgets, revised legislation, etc. How soon can we get started?

sounds like a plan.  I am assuming that people already know about our 2nd fake constitution?  they only changed one word.  constition "FOR" the people was changed to constitution "OF" the people.  the evil ones made us corporations from birth.  google the ucc and our birth certificates.  this is why our names appear in all caps on everything.  driver's license, passports, birth certificates, etc.  also check out us patent number 6,630,507.  just another ploy by the money powers to hide the natural cures and keep big pharma in control.

speaking of the i.r.s....... our taxes go to 1.  London 40%  2. vatican 60%.  has anyone on here heard of claiming our divine proportion and becoming a "person" again, rather than a corporation?  there are supposedly simple steps to take to make this happen. has anyone on here ever done (or tried) to do this?  just wondering.  it would be nice NOT to be legal orphans of the good ole gov.

I am a sovereign Carrie,

I and many others here have reclaimed their Citizenship through Affidavits and other Proclamations of Truth. It is not for the unprepared for freedom is not free; there is a cost. You will find the level of your cost when you decide on your path. Ask Wayne, I believe he knows about these things as well. I will forward your questions to him.

Well said! I have wondered for years why people can't see it. It totally blows me away how people can be so naive. I have met people who openly admit to me, in public, that they prefer to be an ostrich. I think that makes it extremely inevitable and easy to get your head cut off.

I like it.  but it needs to be in color.  I realize that this is only a basic black and white sketch, but a good one.  it could be the background (a huge background) for the BIG concert..


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