This amendment is simple. It would totally change the way the President is elected. I propose we make it One County, One Vote; no matter how many people live in each County. This should prevent a very small area of land interest from dominating all of the rest of the other land area. In addition there should be a third box on the ballot that says <None of the above> in case we don’t like any of the candidates which are presented to us; and every County must vote; Period. No exceptions or exemptions allowed.

There are 3141 Counties in the united Republics that will never change; and they will never change size, and a ratio of a plurality will be necessary to a victory for the office of President. They are already there with established borders. Those borders will not easily fall to Gerrymandering or other forms of corruption. We will make it a law that they will not change their borders if we have to. This will eliminate Gerrymandering of Districts and the resulting corruption inherent in our current system.

In addition, this amendment will demand a return to PAPER BALLOTS, accountable to We the People and with the ability to be re-checked for accuracy. In our modern age of communication, this should not be an impediment to counting, etc.

All in favor say Aye.

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Thanks for this one, Morton. I like your idea. And here's another thought: Eliminate parties and personalities; they have already made themselves too dangerous. Instead, offer only two administrative PLANS (with budgets) compiled by two groups of 25 citizens, each, chosen at random. They are locked in a room and allowed only food, toilet, and sleep for thirty days or until their plan is done (whichever comes first).

The plans are voted on and one with the most votes will be put into effect. The group that drafted the chosen plan will then choose among themselves, the necessary officers to administer the plan.

Comparisons of performance to plan are made monthly with reports made public. If corrective action is required, the remaining members of the drafting group, will get the administration back on track.

Advantages: no personalities, no outrageous campaigns, no inappropriate influences, a more engaged electorate, and it can all be done in a sixty-day period. Only people who own property (land) can vote. And anyone who isn't familiar with the plans is disqualified from voting (a short quiz will suffice).

I have more details, but that's the gist of it.



I have another plan, and this is by way of a friend of mine in Alaska.

If it was LEGAL to execute one politician every year, they would ALL clean up their act REAL FAST!

Pass that law and chances are that all problems would cease to exist.

If they make cuts, it ought to begin with them!




"In addition, this amendment will demand a return to PAPER BALLOTS...with the ability to be re-checked for accuracy"


The "PAPER BALLOTS" argument is at best a distraction. It makes the uniformed feel all warm and fuzzy, that all that "can be done, has been done", when in fact it hasn't.

The point of "the ability to be re-checked for accuracy." is to "verify" that the election is not a victim of fraud. A recount does not do that. Doing a recount is only "sleight of hand". It is at best only "re-certification", it is not "verification".

A recount is the equivalent of asking for change for a $20 bill. The cashier counts out (certifies) three $5 bills & five $1 bills. You then ask for a "recount" and they do the same thing again (re-certify).

You then take the money, put it in your pocket and go to your car where you then certify for yourself and find that a $1 bill was "inserted" for one of the $5 bills. Had you done this in front of the person giving you the change you would have discovered it when you did your count. That is, when you "verified" the count.

A paper ballot is not a "receipt", it is the "instrument" of the transaction. In this country there simply is no instance of any transaction of any merit, that does not carry with it a "verifiable" receipt, with one exception, the vote.

The vote hasn't been verifiable since the "secret ballot" was "inserted" into the process just after the Civil War (circa 1870s). For an excellent, though brief treatise on this and the solution to the problem, see:

mac, where you been?

Don't focus on that paper thing. I just thought of that at the last minute anyway in reaction to the B.S. we call a vote nowadays. Electronic voting machines are all B.S. That's why I felt it necessary to say something about a different way. That's all. So take it easy mac. Nice to know you're still here. Thanks for taking up so much space. Makes it look like I've got more content.


>>So take it easy mac

Your phrasing suggest that I am speaking in a disruptive manner. If that is your perception I apologize. Disruption was not my intent. I was only trying to call yor attention to the “core”problem that causes most all of the other more minor problems.

That core problem is the inability to “verify” the vote. Presently most all well informed people believe the vote is regularly fixed, but we can’t prove it.

However, if we could prove an election to be fraudulent, we could take it to a court & have the election(s) overturned. This would force a new elections until we finally get a verifiable and thus irrefutable election.

Elected politicians would then “know” that their election/reelection was completely dependent on the electorate (us) and not the “vote riggers”. At that precise point everything would change in our favor.

Virtually all of the things you and others write about here and identify as “problems” are in fact only the symptoms of that one very real problem, an unverifiable vote. And to fix that problem it is as easy as conducting a “Vva” - Voter verified audit in each precinct nationwide. See article #3 here that details Vva:

If we do this one simple thing we will “completely” take back this country in “14 hour flat”, without a shot having been fired. It really would be just that simple.

No, the popular vote isn’t meaningless, it is broken and only needs to be fixed to work again.

You list all the fraud that you “think" is committed, but you’ve got no proof. We’ve only been talking “around” the issue when we talk and think that way.

We’ve got to have proof to get into court. Vva will simply and easily supply that proof.


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