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Posted on November 5, 2014 by Jean

The next step in having technology “controlling” our lives is already in place, and is being installed into the new smart phone and computer “pad” technologies. It is the technology that reads your fingerprint, or thumbprint!

Apple has come out with an IPhone and and IPad which uses your own thumbprint as a personal Identification code to “unlock” the device. Sounds harmless right? Almost like a good thing, so what could possibly be wrong with it?

Well, here’s something that may just make you stop and take pause.

It also is being “planned” to have people start using their thumbprints as a personal SIGNET, or LEGAL Signature so that you can make payments with your device simply by pressing your thumb on a certain key, or you can “BUY THINGS” on line by pressing your thumb on the same key.

THIS is so dangerous to personal freedom that it boggles the mind, and most people can’t even begin to understand why!

This story really begins as my brother and I were celebrating my birthday, and talking about new technology.

My brother lives near San Francisco, CA, and works in the “TECH” industries, or the dot-com companies that are everywhere present in that area of the United States. He works with applications and knows coding and programming.

Apparently, there are various circles of men and women in that industry who like to keep in touch with each other, and gather into Twitter groups to share information. They call themselves “techno-philes”, or people who LOVE technology.

I was talking about the ALL CAPS name and how the government uses it to entrap people into being a FICTION. He sat there for a few moments listening carefully, and then suddenly he raised his eyes. “OKAY, now I get it, it all makes sense.” he said.

He began to tell me about how the BANKING INDUSTRY is very interested in this new thumb print technology that uses a persons “thumbprint” as a signature to pay for things, to make online purchases and even to SIGN DOCUMENTS, simply by using a phone or some other device.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

A lot of these San Francisco “programmers” are super geniuses, and super nerds! They are very independent and don’t like to be told HOW to create their programs.

Many of them were approached to write the difficult programming and coding that would “attach” a persons thumbprint, gained by the “print capturing” technology of these smart devices, to the persons actual name.

Several of the programmers took on this task and finally had a workable application that did just that. The BANKS who wanted this technology immediately sent it back to them in a not so nice way, and told the programmers and coders that what they had developed was totally unacceptable for their purposes.

When asked why, the reply was simply that the persons name, that was being attached to the thumbprint WAS NOT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

When several of the programmers who had worked so hard on this stuff had the audacity to ask WHY a persons name had to be in all capital letters, and why it mattered so much, they were told to MIND their own business and simply do it the way they were being told to do it, and not ask any questions.

As you can imagine, this really rattled a lot of the nerdy techno-guys and gals, in the area, and they started to “TWITTER” amongst themselves asking if anyone knew WHY a persons name HAD TO BE written in all capital letters, and what the story behind that was.

My brother told me all of this and then said —“Now I know why!”

Well, the rest of this gets even better. We all know that before ANY contract can be signed…, a SIGNET or SIGNATURE has always been required as a mark of CONSENT. However, these sneaky BANKSTERS are really trying to put one over on the public here.

What they are trying to do here is to substitute a living human being’s actual Thumbprint for their Signature! This is HUGE! This is also CRAZY.

You have really dig down into the demented and sicko logic of this to see what they are trying to do.

Only a real living and breathing human being HAS a thumb print! The ALL CAPS NAME is a total fiction, created by the Government, and has nothing to do with a human being. The two were always totally separate! We all know that now. But what this does is to DIRECTLY CONNECT a real living beings physical BODY to that ALL CAPS fiction! Almost making them inseparable!

They’ve now removed a very substantial barrier between what was fiction and what was real.

And now here’s the trap! The more that a real living being uses his thumbprint as his signature (to sign papers, checks, and buy things) the more he is CONSENTING that his own physical body IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FICTION. Which makes him a slave, and owned piece of property and nothing more.

This technology is nothing more than a trap…, a huge, huge trap!

Shame on the tech companies for working with the BANKSTERS. Shame on them! Shame!!!

Watch this Video!

So if you watched the video(s), then you have a pretty good idea of where to start with Affidavits, denying any claim on the DeFacto, Strawman, Fictional, Person/citizen, Corporate Entity, ALL CAPS Version of your NAME described on your "Berth" Certificate and everywhere else too. This IS the deception that "they" need right away. First. Before ANYTHING ELSE can occur. Even before they start to claim you as an asset.

So? This is what you must rebut FIRST. Now you should be getting a good idea of exactly where to start and why. Further lawful protection of your "person" should follow the same path and intent.

Deny their assumptions. Rebut their claims. Challenge their authority and REMOVE yourself from their grip physically, by force and with full intent if necessary.

It IS time!

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Where are the words "legal" or "lawful" in the founders first instruments? Did any one download the PDF file I made available to everyone on this website? Did anyone use the search function to find the words? These words are only in one instrument...guess where...Any one?

I will check later to see if anyone knows.
In addition. Has anyone questioned where else our digital fingerprints might be ending up? That one time electronic scan "could" also be shared with who know what agencies and black programs. Somebody's software has copied the fingerprint and it is now in storage, if not already forwarded to agencies no one would likely freely send it to. Who has your fingerprints and why do they want them? Keep in mind the gps feature of all of these toys has us all being tracked whether there is a valid reason to be tracked or not. The past KGB couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect system to know everything about everybody.

Once someone has our fingerprint, we don't get it back. Worse than stealing our SS#, it could very easily be electronically abused. How do we dispute its electronic use? Wait till the hackers get hold of them. It WILL happen!

Have we noticed the "option" to link all our electronic devices for our convenience? And what's all this "cloud" mumbo jumbo really for?

Here is a question posed some time ago. Are all our photos, texts, and contact info ONLY on and within our phones and tablets? Ever loose your phone? After replacing it, how did "they" also replace all the photos and other private stuff? Replacing the plastic phone is easy. But how did anyone replace your digital content that was lost or stolen? Where did they "find" it? Did YOU send your last picture taken to some electronic safe haven for later retrieval?

Google knows every word we search and website we visit. Isn't that similar to opening our mailboxes and steaming open letters? Similar to getting a warrant to see which books you borrowed from the library. But without the warrant part!

Back on topic though. No one has my permission to use my fingerprint or use of derivatives of my name to give themselves jurisdiction on any topic. Asserting such by any creative means is fraud and criminal intent.

Roseburg  Oregon  said no to obama.


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