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Why You Should Never Hire an Attorney

By Kenneth

You’ve learned why you should never hire a banker.  Now learn why you should never hire an attorney. None of these deplorable abuses would be possible if the American attorneys were acting as Americans.  This system of things wouldn’t last a week without the full help and determined support of the American Bar Association.

The Constitution of the United States of America is a giant and hugely public commercial contract. The original organic “Constitution for the united States of America”  started out as a “compact”---an agreement by the several States to indebt themselves to pay for certain enumerated services, and so, it has always been a contract defining the structure, limits, duties, and means of paying for services to be provided by a new level of government.

If the Constitution ever meant anything, the attorneys should be defending it, if not out of patriotism, out of greed; but, as you have begun to suspect, the Constitution no longer means anything because the government it binds no longer exists in a practical sense.  The People it was meant to protect have been “redefined” as citizens of another nation calling itself the “UNITED STATES” who are merely represented by corporate personas and otherwise presumed dead, lost at sea.

We, the American People, have all but ceased to exist.

The lawful federal government has been replaced by a corporate imposter for over 150 years, and that corporation has neither the rights nor the obligations of the lawful government.  Likewise the corporate entities named after you have neither the rights nor the obligations of a Living Person.

In 1933, the original governments of the 48 States United were also taken over by a corporate coup d’etat and the original Constitution that had been honored by the American States up to that point, was replaced by the commercial contract that is in evidence today “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

At first glance, the two documents appear largely the same, except that the original 13th Amendment does not appear in the modern version.  The original 13th Amendment outlawed the Bar Association in America.

As a commercial contract, the present version of the Constitution is enforceable only if you knowingly act as an Acceptance Agent and bring suit against the federal corporation under the Uniform Commercial Code as a franchise operator.

How many Americans are prepared to do that? 

You don’t know you’re an Acceptance Agent.  You don’t know there is a trust and transmitting utility owned as a franchise by the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico named after you.  You don’t know that your lawful government has been replaced at all levels by corporations merely “representing” it.  You don’t know that you have a “US vessel” named after you, either. 

Here is the simple fact---- you cannot hire an attorney to represent you.

Attorneys always represent the Crown Temple.  They never represent the people who pay them, and who mistakenly assume that because they have hired an attorney and paid him lots of money, his job is to defend them.  That is not what “your” attorney has agreed to do.

An attorney’s entire job is to make sure that the Judge doesn’t make an appealable error.  His job is to protect the judge.  He’s there to make sure that when you are nailed to the cross, it is done in a workman-like fashion, and you pay him for this service.

If you don’t understand that your attorney’s allegiance is always and only to the Court, you may well be mystified by their suggestions and behavior.

Why are the junior attorneys always bobbing up and down like birds drinking at a fountain?  If you are watching senior attorneys perform, what are those strange hand signals about?  Why does the judge suddenly jump up from his chair, go into his chamber, and then come back out?

You are watching an ancient ritual. Each person is performing their part, according to their level of initiation.  The young attorneys are doing obeisance, the older attorneys are calling their shots, like a game of billiards, and the judge’s little in and out of chambers dance just changed the jurisdiction of the court on you without announcing it in court.

The attorneys practice a very strange religion in which everything is twisted around, redefined, upside down and backwards---a religion that mirrors everything.  Where have we encountered that before?

Naming trusts and transmitting utilities after Living Persons is purely a attorney’s trick.  Calling the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and other Insular States the “United States of America” is typical of their semantic deceits.

An attorney’s use of language is meant to be blasphemous, deceptive, and warped against any true or honest meaning. They have managed to record over 350 different so-called “legal meanings” of “United States of America” alone.   Black is white and up is sideways, an objection isn’t an opposition and a conditional acceptance doesn’t accept anything at all.

The attorneys excuse all this as “tradition” and as “legal meanings of words” but that’s claptrap to hide the obvious.

Attorneys are professional liars.  The Crown Temple worships the Father of All Lies.  When an attorney tells you that the practice of law is all about finding the truth, they have just told you the biggest lie in their whole kit bag.  It’s about finding the truth all right----and killing it.

Attorneys lie when they have to, and they lie when they don’t have to. They lie just for fun.  They lie to make money.  They lie for entertainment.  They lie as a blood sport.  They will happily, gleefully, lie about you, their client, but they will never lie to the judge.  That is because they are always working for the judge.

So your attorney isn’t your attorney, any more than your bank account belongs to you.  The judge works for the Court, the Court works for the Crown Temple, and the Crown Temple belongs to the banks. The attorney you hired works for the judge.  If the judge doesn’t get you, your attorney already has.  It’s impossible for the Bar Association to lose, and equally impossible for you to win.

At the end of the day, when the House counts the chips, the Bar Association always wins, and the only way out of this trap is to never go in.

When you hire an attorney to “represent” you, he is representing you in the same way that the trust and transmitting utility is “representing” you.  By hiring a attorney you are presenting yourself to the Court as a ward of the State, literally as a person who is mentally incompetent to speak for yourself and make your own decisions.

This is what a “General Power of Attorney” does----it grants your authority to act, to speak, to ask questions, and to make decisions, to your attorney or to whomever else you grant a General Power of Attorney to. You become bound by their words and deeds. Most of them make a show of asking your permission, but the deal is already cut. Nine times out of ten, there isn’t the least little bit of a question about the outcome when you step into the courtroom with a attorney by your side, because the attorney you hired has already signed off on the deal “for” you, and you gave him permission to do this by hiring him.

So you have handed your keys to a perfect stranger who works for the judge who works for the Crown Temple which works for the banks, and the banks are, as it turns out, the ones prosecuting you. You might as well strip naked and lay down.

This isn’t to say that your family attorney knows all that I am telling you. The majority of American attorneys will be shocked and in denial when confronted with this. Many of them have been railroaded and victimized by this system themselves.

The criminality that comes with a National Breach of Trust this incredibly huge is unavoidable.  The corruption that thrives as a result of the government’s own crookedness is like a cancer spreading endlessly through America.

Act like a "man/"or "woman" not a (fiction) and you will have victory in a "common-law" "court of record" 


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The issue of Attorney-Client Privilege was raised by an Attorney providing an Opinion to a Home Owner's Association Board and wanted the opinion letter hidden from members; but provided the full disclosure in the Summary of Opinion which simply was a zero-in on one thought, create the hypothesis based on that minimum focus position, then declare Client-Attorney Privilege, "please hide the full response".

  •  This is the give-away statement:  “As an attorney, I am further required to follow the rules of The Florida Bar, which is the governmental entity that regulates attorneys.”  (All else is in this Lawyer OPINION is useless because of this statement).

Note the "which is the governmental entity"

Google Florida Supreme Court and you find!

  • What is The Florida Bar's official governmental status?
    Article V, Section 15 of the Constitution of the State of Florida gives the Supreme Court of Florida exclusive and ultimate authority to regulate the admission of persons to the practice of law and the discipline of those persons who are admitted to practice. The Court performs those official functions through two separate arms: the Florida Board of Bar Examiners , which screens, tests and certifies candidates for admission to the practice; and The Florida Bar, the investigative and prosecutorial authority in the lawyer regulatory process. Neither of these two agencies, nor any of their functions, is supported by state tax dollars.

 Then Google Division of Corporations and Search on Florida Bar.

  • The Florida Bar serves as the official arm of the Supreme Court of Florida to administer discipline of persons admitted to the practice of law in this state.  As a self-policing entity,  THE FLORIDA BAR, AN UNINCORPRATED ASSOCIATION, 651 EAST JEFFERSON STREET, TALLAHASSEE, FL 32399-2300…..    Government cannot be self-policing…..  The Supreme Court of Florida is the third branch of the Florida GOVERNMENT. 

 Kind of a misleading filing, especially when this entire BAR issue is of private lawyers who fund an Unincorporated Association to control their members.

  • The attorney statement above is quite misleading at best and attorney integrity is questionable.

Search the Supreme Court of Florida just a little more and you find that the Supreme Court Justice is final say on whether a person is accepted into the Florida Bar Union.  You will find the the setting Supreme Court Justice of Florida makes the determination to permit a person's entry into the BAR. 

Take a Dean's List Graduate who aced the Fla Bar Exam, and that individual is a Patriot and Constitutional oriented person, the Fl. SCOFL Justice may just reject a seat on the BAR.

SO, we have a union (Fl BAR) who bows to the SCOFL Senior Setting Judge, who controls the State Judges, who the BAR Members bow to during your trial, and you just got screwed.

One thought though, many states are RIGHT TO WORK STATES, and denial to become a BAR Member may be infringing on a Law School Graduate WANTABEE Florida Lawyer's future earnings capacity. 

Something to think about.

Meantime, watch all Lawyers with a grain of Salt.  If they put ESQ behind their names, be especially leery of hiring them!

You're right,


If anyone doubts that, just call the "State" BAR and ask them through their public relations person of the "State" BAR in any State if they are directly a branch of your State Government, and the public relations person will tell you flat out that they are not an agency of the State at all!

Now you're wondering how they falsely use the term "State" to imply that they are an agency of the State they claim to be a part of. One word sums it up perfectly:

And while your at it, since they typically are registered in the Corporate division of the Secretary of State's office, simply call your Secretary of State's office and ask to see a certified copy of the "State" BAR's public corporation papers. No one in Oregon can find these now missing documents, and if they cannot be found it's as good as saying these documents don't exist.

If the BAR or Secretary of State's office can't produce these important documents, then file to strike the BAR out of existence by filing against the BAR for failure to maintain public records. It is the BAR's responsibility to keep track of such important documents, and or the Secretary of States responsibility to maintain such public records.

Be sure to check with your State Archive to be sure they have them. Don't be surprised when none of these parties can produce certified authentic documents that should be open for public inspection. Don't accept anything but a public viewing of the originals. Forgeries can and more than likely will be offered, but remember these lawyers are not beyond creating false documents to sanitize the record, that is to say forge them.

From a highly credible source named Kenneth? Seriously?

"At first glance, the two documents appear largely the same, except that the original 13th Amendment does not appear in the modern version. The original 13th Amendment outlawed the Bar Association in America."

Complete poppycock.

"As a commercial contract, the present version of the Constitution is enforceable only if you knowingly act as an Acceptance Agent and bring suit against the federal corporation under the Uniform Commercial Code as a franchise operator."

More poppycock. People just make things up and the sheep just follow. The terms 'Acceptance Agent' and 'franchise operator' are neither defined nor even used in the entire UCC. Have any of you ever read any part of the UCC?


Whenever you write a check (Article 3), it makes the whole system work across all the states -- that's why it's called 'uniform.'

"Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck, Private Attorney in Service to His Holiness, Pope Francis" (see the link in the post)

Anna von Reitz (or whatever she calls herself) is a fraud. All of these kooky theories lead to the "City of London", "The Crown", or the Vatican, or all of them. Yet when von Reitz claims she's working for the Pope, no one even questions it.

You're all being played. You're all either too lazy or too incapable to figure it out.

The Nut Is Cracked, by Judge Anna von Reitz

The only nut in the article is von Reitz and, yes, she is cracked. (Don't you see she's even making fun of you.)

David Robinson (Maine Republic) is the same David Robinson which prompted the second of my two articles.

Snake Oil For Sale, Part 2

He's also been indicted, just as his mentor and former RuSA president Tim Turner (now in the federal lockup in Alabama) was.

I've kept up on what these people have been doing for years. While the IRS and the entire federal government is a criminal enterprise, you don't go to a gun fight with a pea shooter.

Wake up, people. Stop wasting your time and energy on these charlatans.

There are plenty of people who are actually resisting government overreach instead of talking about what some self-styled guru makes up out of whole cloth.

As I've said in the past, these people are either government agents or misguided fools. In either case, you won't get anywhere by stroking their egos.

If you're one of the 20% on this site (Pareto's law), who might actually do something, take back a position of power.

Precinct Project 2016

Yes, it has to do with those 'evil' political parties with all the political power you've allowed them to have.

I have successfully disbarred a so called "top 100 trial lawyer" in Oregon, and testified before a Grand Jury who then indicted his ass, and he plead guilty in the case against him for aggravated theft in the first degree. I then took legal issue as why this convicted thief was allowed  to continue to "practice" law when he owed around $720,000.00 in back taxes when the BAR in fact knew he was a tax cheat all the way back to 1996 and again in 1998 as the BAR had received legal notice of his being seriously behind in his taxes from the State Department of Revenue and the IRS, and they should have pulled his "license" back in 96, or at the latest in 98, but they didn't.

So I sued the BAR for failing to protect the public which included me, and about 21 others who were ripped off by his VERY shoddy book keeping by which he was robbing Peter to pay Paul, in what can only be called a Ponzy scheme in his methods of paying out his clients settlements. It took me 4 years to get that criminal disbarred, and by God Almighty nothing was going to stop me from stopping him from continuing his crimes, the BAR knew he was a crook back in 96, but let him continue any way. The BAR was in fact an accessory before the crime he committed against myself is what it came down to. They knew was a crook before I ever heard his name, he had an outstanding record of winning large settlements, and had a GREAT record of winning, that is until he ripped me off.

4 years of studying the Law that binds down the legal profession, and I did win, but the effort drained me of a lot of energy and I can't even begin to tell you how many sleepless nights it cost me. Many have asked me to write a book, but I am not a writer and would need a good ghost writer to get it down right, but the book is already written with over 5000 pages on public record at the BAR's public records department, so I would again get all of this burned onto CD's and then I would just have to back though the whole thing again, and I really don't want to revisit the whole ordeal, and it brings up the worst time in my life again, and it's just a time in my life I don't want to go back to. BE VERY WARY when hiring attorney, run a back ground check them, look up their records at the local county records office and see if they have any liens against them, and if they do, run do not walk, and that's how I found out about his back taxes, and that was enough to establish the matter of the BAR knew and could have stopped him, but the BAR failed to stop him, so it was up to me to do it, and by God I did. It's not for the faint of heart, so unless your ready for the biggest legal battle of your life, don't go there.

Florida Bar repeats itself elsewhere?  Hmmmmmm

I doubt that we have a legal system in the United States.

Maybe a Corporation that thinks it is in control.

In my dumber years, I had the need to Sue A Lawyer in his own court.

The Circuit Judge was giving me hell; but when he finally realized the issue, even the Circuit Judge began questioning the lawyer on his practice of law.

I did not win because I was right; I won because the fact of illegal and theft practices by a lawyer came to lite in an unsavory manner.

Who the heck is this Ken? And why does he think anyone here is a BAR member? 

Not sure what you're talking about Richard, but here's a few short paragraphs from the judge;

"The perpetrators have gone so far as to openly and publicly declare in the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act and the International Organizations Immunity Act that all state offices have been relinquished to the UN and all state law has been released to international venues, so even by their own admission, there is no opportunity to question these facts. It is all public record." - "The Nut is Cracked", pg. 50

"Any corporate Officer/OFFICER receiving this NOTICE who believes that we are misunderstanding any of the historical facts or any aspect of the material circumstance, is invited to produce the single document which they believe grants their agency or Office/OFFICE jurisdiction and/or controlling ownership interest in living Americans, their private property assets, their credit, their labor, their organic states or any other material assets." - pg. 6

"To address any court in America with standing, a living American has two choices: to reclaim controlling interest in their ESTATE according to the ancient laws governing Roman Inferior Trusts—which throws a mighty monkey wrench into a “court system” that is not designed to ever deal with American civil executors, or, two, to create an American inter vivos trust operating under a separate legal name which is competent to address commercial issues in a public international venue." - pg. 51

What say you?

Yes,I was referring to the

Reply by Richard Michael 

being a B.A.R. card closed union attorney.

The order of the string is out of sequence.

not my fault


I won't deny that you can find some truths in von Reitz's writings. The question is how do you tell the difference when it's mixed in with all the falsehoods?

I'm totally unfamiliar with the "Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act." Perhaps that's because she probably means the "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act." Spelling aside, it's in Title 28, which is the title for the Judiciary and Judicial Procedure. A brief reading of the Wikipedia article tells me that it's about making foreign governments exempt from jurisdiction in US courts unless there is a specific exception. Is there something sinister about that? Under what authority could the US claim jurisdiction over a foreign country to the extent it would have to defend a suit in a US court? That jurisdiction, which was in Article III, was taken away by the Eleventh Amendment, sort of, but that's another story. So what the heck is she talking about?

What's an "organic state?" Is that like no GMO's or something?

I also cover the misuse of 'organic' in the articles because it's the basis for the Act of 1871 nonsense. Find a dictionary where organic means original. Arnie Rosner says it can mean whatever he wants it to mean.

"Roman Inferior Trust?" Do a Google search on that term. The ONLY reference Google finds is her writings. She just makes stuff up.

I'm sure you can find more true statements, like the one about common law.

But try this one from

"The most recent round of fraud began on March 28, 1861. That was the  day the Congress of the united States of America adjourned for lack of quorum and never reconvened."

The date is false, the 'lack of quorum' is false, and the 'never reconvened' is false. That's three false factual statements in two sentences. I also cover that in the first Snake Oil article. You can find the actual journals of Congress at the Library of Congress site.

She makes nothing but conclusory statements without any analysis or references to back them up. Some are true, but when there are factual statements that are easily provably false, why would anyone trust anything she writes. Is anyone interested in facts?

These kind of writings is really an indictment of all those who blindly defend them when there is not an ounce of research.

This article could have been stated in one sentence without all the conspiracy implications.

Here it is:

"Don't hire an attorney because attorneys are officers of the court."

You can find that fact in dozens of places including real dictionaries.

Here's a maxim of law for you -- Those asserting a claim have the burden of proof. Where's the proof for her claims?

I still like the one about the ease of Common Law understanding. It is simple Richard. She may think that she has answers, as do many. That aside, I find that you know as well as I do, things are not correct. I do not need a lawyer or judge to tell me that. All I need is eyes to tell me things are not right. And a mirror so I can see the backwards world right side out. 

I am tired of talking and bantering about who has the exact story or his-story or rule of "law" that applies. I find that the things our Mother taught us by the time we were 5 should have been enough to show us that something's not quite right with the world.

If you have to be liened, licensed and permitted to do everything you do, you are not free. If you do not directly possess and control your wealth/money/currency, then you are not sovereign.

Your actions belie your words.

You continue to post material from these fringe gurus without criticism which is equivalent to endorsing it. The naive think it's a new discovery, so you're misleading people. That, in my opinion, is like an enemy within.

Most of the guru stuff is incomprehensible. None of them have an action plan.

You asked for my plan previously and then abandoned the thread. What's your plan?

Anyone can contact me. My number is all over the place. 909-274-0813

No, we put it up for YOU to criticize. "We report, You decide." Sound familiar?

I believe all of them have an action plan. You just don't like their plan.

I know not of your plan, but mine is simple. "Live free or die." Or both? And I will contact you if you wish. I see little to no benefit however to this as you are probably not receptive to simple reality.

We must stop "volunteering" away our rights, that's all. No Guru needed. If your plan is simpler or more direct, I would love to hear it.


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