BAR Association Attorneys have been trained to lie, cheat and steal for the benefit on the financial elite whom they represent. They are agents assigned by the bankers to enslave us and steal our property. The attorneys are wordsmiths who twist the meaning of words so that those in power can exploit the masses.

The BAR attorneys only work for those who can afford their services, so in America, justice is for sale to the highest bidder.

We are taught that we have a moral duty to obey all laws that are written without exception. When we obey unjust laws we give our consent to tyranny. It is our right and our duty to refuse to comply with laws that deprive one's life, liberty or property.

The attorneys , are all members of the BAR Association which is nothing more than an International crime syndicate, (not to be confused with the LAWYERS who also unfortunately, must register with the BAR). Justice and equality cannot co-exist in a land where there is a privileged class that can use the law to deprive the people of their God given rights.

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Sadly, there is corruption at all levels, abuse of power and privileges is nothing new but it has become rampant these past years!

Crass generalizations such as this do little to lift Mr Broaders credibility at a time when it is under heavy scrutiny already. He needs to get back to the people-local law enforcement unity and constitutional awareness that attracted men and women like me or we will very quickly be gone from this group. "you can not make yourself look bigger by making others look smaller". I have a son in the BAR whose integrity I will put up against Keith's any day and I know many good attorneys who are also good men and women beyond reproach.

Your son may have the best of integrity, but if he is registered with the BAR he is an agent for the BRITISH Crown Temple. BAR stands for BRITISH Accreditation Registry. The American BAR Association (franchise/corporation) is controlled through the Middle Temple. He is an agent for a secret society based in London. I hope for his sake he is not committing treason by being a Public Servant. Article 1 section 9, AND the "original" 13th Amendment which was ratified 12 March 1819, but fraudulently abandoned by a constructive fraud when the corporate constitution was created in 1871. Now that we know about it, it is being exposed, and is coming back into use. I am using it in my own law suits. No offense is intended. We have all been intentionally dumbed down, but we are now waking up! (a link to look up)

The lawers I know are either a member of their State Bar Association and /or the  American Bar Association which is not the antiquated term British Accreditation Registry (BAR). This rumor has been going around for years and I have asked my son about it specifically and he said it is and was a false rumor a far as he knows.

+ Timothy you, my man, are a very lucky individual. My experience with the BAR has led me to believe that i am my only savior when it comes to any Court in this land.

I have no problem with this thought or your belief in what is good for you. However, in many cases a "person who repesents himself in court has a fool for a client". I would never recommend any client of mine who is going for a permit or is the proponent for a project, mining, water right or development, (I am not a lawyer) to represent himself in any public hearing for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which are credibility loss due to 1st party bias and the possibility of subtle nuance error or ignorant 1st party statements made in haste or limited forethought or understanding. In any case attacking attorneys as a group gets us absolutely nowhere just as attacking all Oath Keepers creates fragmentation.

I am a consulting professional geologist and we also have clients and appear before hearings and public boards on a regular basis.

When you hire an Attorney you are legally admitting you are incompetent, a ward of the State. I don't believe in representing myself either. Why would I want to represent myself (Pro Se) if I am there in Propria Persona? I do not represent myself, "I speak for myself (Sui Juris). Statistics bear out that almost all people who hire a Lawyer or Attorney LOOSE their case. That being said, why pay them to loose for you? Statistics also bear out that there is a massive distrust for them anymore, and a major trend to Pro Se. They should read the book written by fellow Oregonian Will Gaston called SUI JURIS. Most of it is available for free on line. Will gave me a copy of his book, so for those who want the "removed", very important material, I can help. Your greatest success comes from knowing your own material, and there is nobody alive who knows your case better than yourself, then use UBC (Uniform Bonding Code) to remove the BAR criminals if they violate your rights. Demand that all correspondence be done through signed and sworn affidavits.

I praise your son if he is honorable himself. I know a few of that nature myself. But, the fact remains, they have signed an oath of loyalty for the union membership of the BAR Association, which is a franchise, a corporation, a secret society, based in a foreign country, and is controlled through the Middle Temple, operating through the Crown Temple. The Canadian BAR operates through the Outer Temple. It violates our Constitution for them to be acting (in treason) as Public Servants in this country. I hope he is operating privately!

By the way, I am in the process of a law suit against our (yours and mine) Sheriff, who grossly violated my rights, along with some of his Deputies. Yes, I am going after their bonds.

yes Tim it took years to get legalezed up. And much study on court cases pertinent to me and what i was doing 1872 mining law; then comes the 1898 mining law to repair the damage of the 1872 mining law  But now the Forest Service makes their own mandates ( not to be construed as laws), but regulations to hide the truth of the actual laws of mining.

And on and on. Now they>  the Forest Service classifies all mining under two distinctions  one your a miner the 2nd is your a prudent man who mines.  both have meaning but prudent means your a better touch to get Mordida from
while the 1st you receive no ability to mine as your plans of operations lie in file 13 from the outset


I don't know why it always surprises me when people who know the least about what they espouse protest the loudest.

If there is ANYTHING a responsible, intelligent person can do nowadays, it is to warn others of the foul smell coming from our rotting economy due to the activities of treasonous attorneys and courts.

Attorneys and judges swore an oath to uphold our Constitution, and they violate it every day of their lives. Paper, or 'State' crimes are not crimes, unless there is a corpus delicti; an injured party, or their property. Yet attorneys assist the court daily in stealing homes, bank accounts, property, and jailing people for victimless crimes.

I want to take a moment and thank Keith for the tremendous time, honesty, and effort behind this web site. I would not tell you to 'go away', but I would tell you to get educated, and don't make a public fool of yourself, by speaking authoritatively, about things you know NOTHING of.

First off, sir, you are absolutely wrong about ANY attorney not being a subject of the British Royal Family. Yes, your son HAS to maintain his allegiance to Britain, the court (same thing). Your son is an 'Esquire' and wants to save you the embarrassment of telling you his loyalties are against this nation and for the Royal Crown.

In Georgetown, California 20 years ago, with over 200 citizens of the Republic of California present, the case presenting evidence that the original 13th amendment is still active was debated, and voted on by the jury. They unanimously agreed that since attorney's attempts at a repeal of the amendment had never been ratified by the proper number of states, it was AND STILL IS in force. But it is ignored for the false 13th amendment they wrote after they thought the British had destroyed all copies of the original in the burning of the U.S. Capital in the War of 1812.

The reason the attorneys wanted it destroyed was because it stated, no one claiming a 'title of nobility' can be a U.S. citizen, hold public office, or even enter a court of law, unless as a defendant.

Our founding fathers KNEW that the beginning of Tyranny is when a class of people strategizes to control and/or take away wealth or property from the public by declaring they are 'superior' in some way, as being 'Royal' for example. They determined that that was not going to happen here. That's why they left England in the first place. An 'Esquire' is the 'low rung' in British royalty. Your son is an Esquire, of the British Empire, NOT a U.S. Citizen. He renounced that when he signed the BAR agreement.

So, back to Georgetown 20 years ago; a declaration was written and signed by all jury members, stating the original 13th amendment did not have to be re-instituted or reclaimed, because it had always been in force.

I sat on that jury.

The agreement your son signed with the BAR also demands that he first support the court, NOT his client, as all 'attorneys' have. Attorney, root word is 'attourne', french for 'returning wealth to the crown'. i.e., 'turning it over'.

The BAR (State BAR, Joe's BAR, whatever. 'Makes no difference what you call it, 'makes all the difference in the world what you put your name to in a contract. If your son ever goes against it, he will be 'disbarred'. So, rest assured, he does what he was trained to do, whether he tells you so or not.

There are only two BARs in this country, and unless your son is Native American, he is lawfully a foreign citizen of Great Britain.

Don't believe all this? Go to:

If you'd like more 'proof', get off your accusing backside, leave a very good man, Keith Broaders, alone, and do some responsible research!!

...or just ask your son if you may read his BAR agreement.

They deceptively refer to it as the A.B.A. (American BAR Association). The BAR was established in this country by attorneys on August 21, 1878. Seven years earlier, in 1871 attorneys had RE-WRITTEN OUR Constitution, Which is the 'Constitution For the united states of America'. It provides the guidelines for domestic protection of individual rights for the many states. The attorneys called their version 'THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'. (all caps and changed the word 'For' to the word 'OF') turning the document, and supposedly, our country into a CORPORATION! But it's not, and never can be, however the deception is MASSIVE... that's what the 'conspiracy' actually is. Yes... your son is part of it!

This fortified the 'assumption' that the American public was responsible to 'pay back' the supposed national debt. The original debt from the Revolutionary War was transferred to the new corporation, in order to more easily extricate; 're-tourne', wealth from the public to the courts. However, none of us are responsible for the original debt, or the monstrosity it has recently become, as attorneys masquerading as Senators and Congressmen borrowed, (stole) trillions, (currently about 30 trillion and counting), by fabricating their counterfeit money with the Federal Reserve, that was put together by who?... Attorneys!

So, burning or hiding the original 13th amendment, and unlawfully implementing the re-written 13th amendment, which would allow them to begin 're-attourne-ing' the wealth of the people to the crown in the fictional court system, they then created the 14th amendment, which calls our country a corporation, and it fools the vast majority.

However, no laws or amendments since then have been Constitutionally lawful, because they were composed and passed by foreigners; attorneys. This has been the case since 1812.

*Else-wise, there would be no HJR-192 to the War powers Act declaring you and I, enemies of the government. 

*The Federal Reserve Act would never have taken our money away.

*There would be no 16th amendment supposedly forcing you to pay income tax (which, by-the-way, was never ratified, but forced through law by, guess who?.. attorneys

*There would be no NDAA, if you even know what that is. It happened right under everyone's nose and hardly anyone cares; unbelievable!

Just consider this: What would be the best way to take the simplest and most powerful document ever created, and slowly destroy it so no one would notice?

How 'bout have attorneys pass over 1,000,000 amendments and statutes in the last 100 years?

'Think it doesn't make any difference because 1812 was so long ago? The practices put into action by Britain and its Esquires is more alive today than it was then, and they are ALL held to their agreement or disbarred, or worse! (see sidebar below)

This is why people who realize all could be cured upon repealing the 14th amendment are so adamant. It is the amendment which created the breeding ground (corporation of the U.S.) for attorneys to take over and completely destroyed our legal system.

Hey Tim, 'It is easier to fool a person than to explain to them they have been fooled' ~ Mark Twain

Side note: There is a huge rash of attorneys, judges, and public officials committing suicide, and being found dead in precarious situations. This has been going on for less than 2 years and is rapidly increasing. Some, 'in the know' say that they are eliminating each other because there are too many, and so many people are becoming aware of God-given, Constitutionally mandated rights! It has recently been called an epidemic!

These law suits I'm involved with all started out with what you describe, Ivan. If I had not been unjustly charged, beaten, tasered, locked up and convicted of crimes I am not guilty of, I would not have been motivated to find out about what is at the roots of People being violated. It is because of having my rights violated by so-called Public Servants that brought me to a point of becoming a Common Law lawyer. It is partially because of being unjustly locked up in Sheriff Glerup's jail, having my jaw broken by an extremely violent bisexual fellow inmate, for refusing to give him sex, and Sheriff Glerup refusing to give me full medical treatment, that I am now suing him, and the other co-conspirators. My jaw is permanently damaged, which never would have happened if I had not been unjustly jailed. If the Constitution would have been followed, as it was supposed to have been, none of this would be happening now.

Sorry you have gone through such painful tribulations. Thank God for your relentless curiosity and intelligence ;o)


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