The long held maxim of law "Innocent until proven guilty" does not apply is the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The individual masquerading as a Judge has decided that in her courtroom, Cliven Bundy and his sons shall be considered guilty until proven innocent. She has turned her back on the Constitution she took an oath to preserve, protect and defend.

The Constitution demands that the case be heard before an impartial jury, but apparently she believes that having an impartial judge does not apply in Nevada. She has assumed the role of assistant prosecuting attorney and does everything in her power to help the prosecution obtain a guilty verdict for the accused. They were only guilty of exercising their First Amendment rights to speak freely, assembly peacefully and to petition their government for a Redress of Grievances.

Contrary to popular opinion Federal judges are not appointed for life. They serve during periods of good behavior ONLY! Judge Navarro's behavior has been so outrageous she should not only be impeached, but she should be indicted and prosecuted for crimes against America. 

President Trump should pardon all the Bundy Ranch defendants and should instruct the Attorney General to indict Gloria Navarro for treason.

If you feel that you would like to chime in, Kris Anne Hall has the Phone number, etc.

If you would like to to see her impeached, you can


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My mailing address is 1000 S. Gilbert Street #54 in Hemet, California

Leave our the abbreviations of the states and leave out the zip code and you can mail your letter for 3 cents.

Thanks for you caring and sharing


I would think that the damage done by the Obama administration and more so called leaders, that more citizens would see and hear.  There is a lot of money behind those that want to destroy our Great Nation.  I am sure that most of you already know the sources of this and it is my prayer that more will come to help to protect this great nation with their vote and actions.

I like the programs produced by Joe Dan Gorman on 'Intellectual Froglegs' .  He presents some interesting points with a little humor and good music. Check it out, he is a conservative Christian and speaks his mind.

1. Just who the hell is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?
2. Was not all corporations foreclosed on Christmas Day 2012?
3. Did not LUFKIN TROWBRIDGE decide that Federal Courts are Municipal Courts limited to ten miles square across the Potomac?
4. Can any federal judge impose a sentence on anyone sans Congressional Act?
5. Did note Pope Francis extinguish private bar MOTU PROPRIO?
6. Was not the ABA liened for 2.7 trillion a couple of years ago?
7. Is there such a thing as a license to practice law?
8. Where is Congressional authority to detain pretrial?
See files attachments

Maybe I'm wrong, (but I'm not) but I was certain that when a judge acts as the prosecution as well as the judge, "the disinterested 3rd party, trying the case, the trier of fact", that is illegal and grounds for dismissal and collusion.  The judge may  NOT ask discovery questions.  The prosecutor is the trier of the case, the judge is the trier of fact. If the judge is going to act as the prosecutor and judge, we object on the record and ask for a mistrial as an appeal-able issue. - Carl Miller  from Know Your Constitution - Part 1 -  

I have more to add but will do so when better prepared.

President Trump should pardon all the Bundy Ranch defendants and should instruct the Attorney General to indict Gloria Navarro for treason.

Actually, the American people have been deceived for the past 150 years or more. The ACT of 1871 provided for the District of Columbia which was incorporated. The original, organic Constitution was titled, "The Constitution for United States for America". The criminals in DC, however, drafted a similar sounding document titled, "The Constitution of the United States of America. Notice that only 1 word was changed, i.e., "for" was changed to "of". Also, the original, organic document's 13th Amendment forbade anyone holding office if they possessed a "title of nobility" such as "Esquire" , term referring to lawyers. Now, Congress is composed mostly of lawyers and NO lawyer has a license to practice law! Rather, the BAR and respective state "admits the lawyer to practice in the various courts, all of which are admiralty courts imposing the "law of the sea" to vessels. Our status was changed at birth to that of a vessel/corporation because these courts have ZERO JURISDICTION OR AUTHORITY with regard to living, breathing human beings. This fraud is largely unknown to Americans who presume that our names, spelled in all caps is us as the living, breathing human being BUT IT IS NOT! Unfortunately, not knowing the semantic deceit, Americans are subject to these courts of admiralty as well as subject to the jurisdiction and statutory laws which are, in fact, administrative territorial courts of limited jurisdiction. That jurisdiction being limited to the District of Columbia and NOT to Americans living in any of the union states, all of which are defined in the US Code as being foreign to the United States! That's because technically, every state is a separate nation joined together in a confederation as the founding fathers intended. We, by virtue of the great fraud, duress, mistake and presumption of our status, are deemed US Citizens which then makes us subject to the "laws" of the incorporated United States, United States of America, US, USA, et Al. These so-called laws are nothing more than corporate policy being administered under "color of law". Once an American (otherwise correctly identified as an American National or as a citizen of their birth state) acts in a capacity of a US Citizen, they ARE A US CITIZEN! Declaring you're a US Citizen when applying for a passport, signing up for Social Security, registering to vote, etc., all allows the presumption of US Citizenship and, thus, the jurisdiction of courts that otherwise would not apply to Americans! The BAR Association us a foreign union, i.e., the British Agents Registry. This why US "law" is all copy writed by the British!!! Step into one of these territorial courts and without firmly stating you are only appearing in a limited, special appearance capacity as the beneficiary of the DEFENDANT (all caps name) as it appears on your birth certificate and that you DO NOT CONSENT to any proceedings, and you'll be subject to the jurisdiction of these kangaroo courts! A challenge as to jurisdiction MUST be made the VERY FIRST THING, because the court MUST PROVE it has jurisdiction before ANY proceedings may move forward. The court whose jurisdiction is being challenged CANNOT RULE ON ITS OWN JURISDICTION, either! If the correct procedures are applied without wavering, the court likely will dismiss the matter rather than risk exposure of the fraud to the public and on the record. Unfortunately, the courts have no real oversight and are totally corrupt! The highest court for Americans (not for US citizens) is the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the seat of the organic and true United States of America. Don't believe any of this? Do your homework, read Anna von Reitz, "You are Law", Jerry Day (minivanjack on YouTube) and others. It took me a while to fully believe the scope of this huge fraud but I am convinced we are all being subjected to "laws" of foreign controlled corporations all imposed via fraud and conspiracy to keep us enslaved for their benefit.

Thankful to you on Thanksgiving Day for your comments. I am a neighbor of Jerry Day and he is truly an awesome resource to the patriot community

Judge Anna Von Reitz


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