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I believe that the building had bombs on all or some of the floors. And the building exploded like when the casino's blow up an old casino in Las Vegas  Nevada. Look at the same building pattern collapsing.

No one has yet to explain the presence of the residue of thermite that was found in the ash and dust left behind the collapses.  This is often used to take down buildings in controlled demolition.  There is ALWAYS someone crawling around in the space above the ceilings in these buildings.  Plumbers, electricians, ETC.  People could use this activity to place explosives.  Or they COULD have been placed when the buildings were built.  Might be a good idea to pull the original plans for the buildings.  Those charges MIGHT be something installed at the time of construction. Why?  It's a needed thing for a building to fall into its own footprint in a big city.  Other buildings need to be protected.  All three fell into their own footprint.  Two of them had serious damage to a couple of floors, and yet they fell into their OWN FOOTPRINTS!  And residue of Thermite was found for BLOCKS around.  Without explanation.

When it was broadcast that bldg 7 collapsed before it did on National News and Silverstein said 'Pull it', that should be a 'dead giveaway ' for all Americans to see what occurred. End of debate.(:

True, except that the 'powers that be' keep insisting that the main towers were brought down by heat from jet fuel, (kerosene) and 7 by the fire(s).  They are in a position to force feed us that blarney, and WE can't do anything about it!.  

Personally, I think it's ALL a put-up job.  The photos of the airplanes show at least ONE of them had NO WINDOWS.  Airliners have windows.  Kerosene (jet fuel) just lying around in puddles will NOT burn hot enough to damage concrete or steel.  Carefully watch the beginning of the collapse of #1 and #7.  You will see the radio/TV  mast drop about a foot, then the building comes down.  On 7, the 'penthouse' drops about a foot, and THEN the building comes down.  No doubt the center support was removed, and then they collapsed.  

Now we need fearless government to stop LYING about it, and we'll start getting somewhere. I'm not discounting in any way the BBC announcement of #7's collapse several minutes BEFORE it happened.  It's one ting to be 'on top' of the news, it's entirely another to  say it before it happens!  Nor the picked up command to 'pull it'.  You MUST be careful.  Microphones are EVERYWHERE!

If we wish to understand things, we should break them down into little tiny parts so we can digest them in full. Then add up all the smaller parts.

To begin, any scientific method starts with making an ussumption, or hypothesis, and then test if it is consistent with what we already know. For this ONE small portion, let's "assume" that a plane does crash into a building. From what we can witness, it came in from the side and damaged a symetrical steel building asymetically. From experience, we already know that the building was "compromised" on the side. What we should have expected, was the building to collapse toward the side of the compromised injury to its structure. But it didn't!

As everyone has opined, the structure "self destructed" within it's own footprint, just as if it was a "controlled" demolition. But that is another "assumption". Does it pass the scientific method of proving this second hypothesis? Sure does!

Each official "story" can and has been exposed by untold numbers of experts and amateurs. They all agree. What's the problem then?

The problem is that we have the evidence of a crime, and plenty of "persons of interest". What we don't have is actual suspects under investigation. Why? Could it be that the agencies involved in investigating are the very suspects we need to investigate? How does one fix that?

Who needed an excuse to start a war, or to pass something called the Patriot Act, followed by the National Defense Authorization Act. Who needed an excuse to fund more government agencies to keep us safe? How does one get the American public to go along with something like that? "Never let a crisis go to waste"! Did someone create a crisis?

When we view the stream of events, leading up to, then following the so-called attack, where do the commonalities cross and coincidences align? There are no such things as coincidences!


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