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The County Sheriff is elected by the people in each county and is responsible for preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution. The job of the Sheriff is to arrest those who violate the rights of the people.

Unlike the Sheriff, the police officers in each city are employed to enforce rules, regulations, codes, ordinance and statutes, in order to cite people for violations and create revenue for the municipal city corporations they ACTUALLY serve.

The County Sheriff is not an officer of the court, he or she is an officer of the people. When deemed necessary, the Sheriff can deputize any of the members of his or her county in order to form his or her own Constitutional Posse.

The Constitutional County Sheriff's job is to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people in his county, not to control the people or arrest people for committing code violations and persecuting people for supposed "crimes" which are not crimes and have NO victims.

It should be the job of the Constitutional County Sheriff to arrest public officials who in his or her opinion have violated the Constitution, rather than arresting innocent men and women for jay walking or smoking a natural plant.

If you agree, please share and support me in my effort to educate the American people.

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