This was exactly what Joseph Goebbels the
Nazi Minister of Propaganda had to say.

"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise
the formation of public opinion."
Joseph Goebbels

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The worm of truth has turned, and the unjust vilification of Germany's Third Reich should be seen as a mere extension of the war-mongering Allies of World War II (WWII) against Germany.  WWII was instigated by Walter Rothschild at the City of London, when in 1935/ 1936, he bribed Winston Churchill with 45,000 pounds Sterling to foment war on Germany.  As for false propaganda, the Allies were the worst, as Delma Sefton was on record of the calumny -- quite in contrast to Goebbel's attitude toward propaganda.  See the link below:

Robyna, you are correct, it has all been based upon lies, and yet Americans still talk about the Holocaust just like it really happened.  Why would they believe the Jewish owned Major Media would lie to us about everything today, and not have lied to us about what was actually going on in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s?  I have so much trouble feeling like I am part of a freedom and Constitutional movement when everyone around me will not do their research, but keep on kissing up to the Zionists and thinking they are working to restore our country!  Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a book entitled "The deliberate dumbing down of America", and she was right, it seems most Americans, even those who claim to be seeking the truth just pass right over what is finally coming out of the country that was truly Holocausted during both WWI and WWII!


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