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Rats are deserting the sinking ship of California while some courageous individuals attack the captain and crew who have taken control of the ship. Continuing to vote for Republicans and Democrats is like voting for termites to restore the foundation of your house. Instead of abandoning the ship we should be throwing the corrupt Republican and Democratic parties overboard.

Letting our legislators be in charge of fixing their own problems is like trusting a thirsty alcoholic with the keys to your liquor cabinet.

The political parties in America today are just tools in the hands of the international bankers and Wall Street Corporations. They are the source of our problems and as long as we trust them to fix the problems they have created, we are doomed. The government and the corporations have formed an alliance to exploit American exceptionalism for the benefit of the financial elite and especially the Rothschild family, at the direct expense and risk to the American people.

You give thousands of dollars a year to these tyrants.
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Ok, it is bad.  So what can we do about it but complain?  I am going after my representative for failing to honor her oath of office.  I may not succeed, but it will not help her campaign for reelection to be mired it this type of controversy.

Good job. Next is the Sheriff.

Marty, the problem is that the lesser of 2 evils is still evil and I don't see the gop as less evil than demonkrats.  they are two of a kind, both owned by the Nazi war criminal George soros and both part of the deep state dedicated to destroying America as a free nation and turning it into a puppet state of th new world order under soros and the satanic un!!!!!

Yea, what he said.

Marty, Bob is right. I tried that plan of yours for eight years, working within the Republican Party until I realized that once you reach the county level, they are all the same. Politics and back stabbing, corruption and evil are the norm and NOT ONE of them will address the real issues before us. Like the inequity in Representation, Senators being elected, National Parks as WHS's, completely controlled by the U.N., Honoring The Treaty of Fort Laramie, etc. and the list goes on.

Your heart is in the right place, but your mind needs a reality check and even perhaps a complete paradigm shift if you truly believe that you are going to change this system by trying to work within its current condition and structure.


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