The Right to Travel is a God Given Right
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How long have I been saying this? Now if somebody would just watch the video then listen and realize that this ties right into your sovereignty and freedoms that are constitutionally guaranteed. I wrote several articles myself on this very subject and am in complete agreement with this guy. He is exactly correct. If you need a license and permission to travel, you can't possibly be free. See this link for more on this subject. Also check out this
and this.

Try to get pigs to believe that they don't have the power, and revenue stream, they want to have that motivates them to want to not believe this!

Without the armed henchmen pigs, willing to kill for their political class masters, we could enjoy many freedoms. 

Pigs, and their collaborator, enabler suck ups, make ALL political corruption possible. 

Some years back, I went to get my license renewed after studying the law and realizing exactly what this gentleman is saying.  I paid the fees and signed "All Rights Reserved w/o Prejudice"

They would not issue my license, in direct violation of the Florida Statutes, which require the DMV to issue "...upon payment of the required fees"

I ended up without a "license" for three years and drove around with the returned (but originally accepted and stamped) check they already accepted and a copy of the statues.  Fortunately (or not), I was never stopped during that period.  Problems during that period were however, profound as I could no longer get on an airplane or even cash a check. The system has been completely rigged so as to force us all to comply with the "voluntary" theft of our freedoms.


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