The Sheeple Have Spoken

There is no better example of the mental enslavement and Marxist, Tax and Giveaway mentality in action, than the "Medical Model" and those unwittingly trapped within it. Think about it;

  • People go to the Doctors, who's motto is "First, do no harm", who then tell them to take medicines X, Y, Z, to "cure" their problem, which the doctors all know doesn't "cure" anything and actually CAUSES HARM!
  • Then, when the resultant harm arises, the doctors prescribe yet another harmful "cure", which makes the patient WORSE!
  • The patient is then trapped in a never ending cycle of destruction, which violates the doctor's first command,

"First do no harm" !!!!!

Yet the people themselves refuse to say Just Say NO! and


There was a study done which concluded that people will tend to believe or take the word of perceived authority figures, before the word of the average person, even if that "average Joe" is actually right and the authority figure is lying.

Therein you see the problem;


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Doctors at least have some relevant education.  Politicians have NONE. Yet they have convinced many that the embryo., fetus, infant is not human, is not alive, has no feeling and no rights.. They have convinced many that killing that growing "lump of cells," dissecting it and selling the parts off for profit is not making it a commodity/product.  What clearer form of slavery is there?  They have convinced many that  people can select their gender with NO consideration to biology, a science, is  as it should be. SHEEPLE???? it's much worse than that!

The ungodly truth. We are warned that the right will be made wrong and the wrong will be made right. I see it happening all over the place. 

Ms. Eggers is unfortunately correct ,it is much worse than that. Congress passed a law that allows big pharmaceutical companies to sell their products on the television and elsewhere. This is a known fact, what is less known is that some of the training our doctors received was paid for at least in part by the pharmaceutical industry. Still less common knowledge is that not only the sheeple can be punished for not going with the flow but physicians are punished by having payment withheld by not following pharma's,"recommended guidelines " .

The FDA rubber stamps everything the big pharma wants. Corporate cronyism is at its finest, while each and every drug that Americans take results in negative interactions in various bodily systems. Corporate farming systems from birth to death are horrifying and easy to find out about on YouTube. Once seen, they cannot be forgotten.

Monsanto gets everything it wants. And it wants Roundup in corn. Food products and pet food products. Corporate farmers want more money, so they left healthy farming practices of crop rotation behind so they could export corn and soybeans. One study in formerly rich Kansas (rich farmland), now shows no signs of life, no bugs, no good-smelling soil, no butterflies, no nothing. Hence, more fertilizer and more and more and more....

What boggles my mind, is how or why Americans keep ignoring the very idea of "Health" and are just fine with high blood pressure, fat, no exercise, etc.

Doctors never learn about health. They learn about disease management. Their entire medical training is like in a vaccuum, with no vision into other areas, such as bodily healing, which is entirely possible.

And, one big question, why are all the scientists, who are or have come out against vaccinations, being murdered? Along with Dr. Sebe, who could heal anything naturally, also murdered.

And don't forget the obvious death of Dr. James Winer under mysterious circumstances.

It seems to me that "For the People and by the People," is an empty term.  Pavlov's Dogs seems more accurate.  We have become a mass of humanity that knows only how to respond to mechanized and instilled stimuli, mostly consisting of  fear. sex and lies. The powers that be cannot exist with a population that thinks for itself. And if someone tried to do that they get seriously punished. Free speech is a thing of the past. Liberty and freedom getting more and more scarce. Racial tensions haven't been worse in a very long time and it's fires are kept fanned and fed. When you hear Obama, Hillary, Biden, Holder, Booker and so many more what I think we are hearing are rallying cries for more chaos and violence. Yet they want us disarmed. None of this will seriously effect me ecause I'll probably be dead by the time it comes from full fruition (at least I hope so).  Who wants to live in a third-world country with NO rights above that of sheep or cattle.  If Americans don't do something that's what we are looking at. Just watch how the left is destroying EVERYTHING Trump, even this spectacular USSC nominee .  We are watching our own demise and Right seems helpless except for Trump who is hogtied politically. 

Reason and thinking are diminishing also. When I look around, I see a shallowness of intellect, an acceptance of whatever the government wants, no reality of what it took for Americans to be brought to the point of fighting the most powerful nation and military on earth. I see none of those characteristics that America was instituted and then raised upon.

When I see the church, I see complete passivity.
When I see the media, I see Joseph Goebbels.
When I see parents, I see digital babysitters accompanied by propaganda and indoctrination.
When I see doctors, I see ignorance of body systems of healing.
When I see pastors, I hear no mention of sin.
When I teach students, I see little retention of skills and concepts and so I say it again and again and again.
When I see Congress, I see lobbyists and COMPLETE disregard for both their role and reverence for the Constitution and Declaration and our UNalienable rights.
I could go on. I am tired of seeing what has been lost.

Just remember that we can restore what has been lost if everyone who really wants to do something is equipped with the necessary tools to do so.

Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, says;

"The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand,.."

This is the key. Why?

Because this is a state issue and can be dealt with on a state by state basis and is not subject to Article V restrictions and guidelines. 

In 1830 - 12.8 Million Americans had 240 Representatives

In 2010 - 12.8 Million Pennsylvanians have 18 Representatives

So now you know that you must go to your state rep and tell him this. You must inform your state legislature that they are in violation of this Article, (which they are).

Pennsylvania most certainly is and I can assure you that my local state Rep, Eric Nelson has already been informed of my desire to discuss this issue ASAP if not sooner.

Eric Nelson has now been sent an email describing this situation. I can't WAIT to hear his reply.

My Rep, Mike Turner has NEVER replied to me, not ONCE.

His concern for constitution ranks around 50%, according to JBS.

I will write him and I will pass this on, though. Thanks, Morton.

You realize of course that I'm not stopping there, with Eric Nelson. I am contacting the redistricting Committee directly to inform them of their error.

According to their website they use Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 to determine allotments. HAH! What a joke!

They haven't seen the last of me.

Could you spell it out more, is there anything else to know? I would not have thought about the redistrictting committee. 


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