The Declaration of Independence
Was for White Men Only

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Many Christians claim that the United States was and is a Christian nation. While it is true that the men signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the Constitution were Christians, it is also so true that most of them owned slaves.

It is hypocritical to claim to we are a Christian Nation and, at the same time, permit the institution of slavery to be supported and sustained by our government and the Constitution.

Check out the Christian Doctrine of Discovery

Were the founding fathers were racists

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It seems only logical to me that calling any entire group of people rascists----is the exact definition of racism.

Reverse racism is still racism.

Of our first eleven Presidents only John Adams and his son John Quincy did not own slaves. Forty One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners, These men believed that all white men were created equal and that women and men of color were not humans beings.

What this proves that one or a series of Catholic Popes were in grave error and racist.  It does not equally condemn Christian men like Witherspoon or John Q. Adams who gave their lives to do away with slavery.

The Declaration of Independence has no distinction of We the People, so if we the people are all American then we are all involved. only a racist can see racism in this. Do you speak with a your Opinion or a fact that you see some where.

The words of the Declaration of Independence state that all men are created equal, but the Constitution authorized some of the people to enslave and exploit and enslave others. Call me at 916-399-4881

Keith, where does it say, "some are authorized to own slaves?" there is a difference between, some people breaking the Law, and those that believe in the Constitution. it does not make it all alright, But

it does not make it all wrong either. there are people that break the law even today in Washington DC

today. does that make our form of Government wrong? NO, it only makes the law beakers wrong.

and we can stop that today too, by remaining free and Armed, that is what the Government fears.


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