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California Congressional Districts Average 702,000 Rhode Island Congressional Districts Average 526,000

If California and Rhode Island were equally represented California would have 70 Representatives instead of just 53

When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

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On Thursday, April 12, 2014 I hitched a iide with  a  dear friend Alicia and we traveled to  Bunkerville to stand with Cliven Bundy and his family. When we arrived were invited into the Bundy home.

We spend Friday mingling with hundreds of other patriots  from all over the country. On Saturday morning Cliven Bundy made his historic speech demanding that the county sheriff to  disarm BLM agents.

When the sheriff failed to comply, Cliven invited  us all to join in freeing cattle. I had been separated from Alicia and needed ride to the location where the cattle were being held. The  first person I asked was David Knight of Info Wars who graciously offered to give  me  a ride.

Once we  had arrived in the gully we began marching with hundreds of fellow patriots to the gate beneath the overpass.There were a few of the patriots  were  armed, but most of us  were not,  After walking abou a half of mile the cowboy calvary arrived and it was an absolutely incredible experience,  

As I approaded the gate I saw numerous BLM vehicles and several heavily armed agents. We were threatened that if we did not retreat we  could be fired upon, At that time  I feared a shot  would be  fired and that I  would be in a blood bath like the one that  occurred at the Branch Davidian Complex in Waco

When that cattle were released I was overcome with joy. The  BLM withdrew and the people had won a victory over tyranny and a rogue government.

God must have a great sense of humor. Shortly after government announced that a "No Fly Zone" had been declared over the Bundt Ranch, a flock of Canadian Geese joined the protectors by defying the government orders.

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