The three branches of government were created to protect the life, liberty and the property of the people.

Unfortunately the three branches that were created to protect and serve us have become our Masters and we have become their slaves.
 Our nation is in peril because the Constitution is being violated each and every day by corrupt career politicians who masquerade as public servants.
Those we have elected to be our servants and the guardians of our liberty have become the greatest threat to our peace, prosperity and freedom. Congress was only authorized to pass laws to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

The role of the government is to protect the rights of the people, not to provide the peoples with goods and services. Congress has successfully turned the American Dream into a bureaucratic Nightmare/

Instead of protecting our rights they have ignored the Constitution turned the people into perpetual debt slaves.

The Supreme Court which was established to defend the Constitution has been changing the meaning of the Constitution by misinterpreting it.

Contrary to popular belief the Constitution did not give the Supreme Court the authority to interpret the Constitution. The Congress was intended to be the arbiter of the Constitution and not the Supreme Court. Every two years "We the People" have the opportunity to vote out of office those members of the House of Representatives that fail to properly interpret the Constitution.

The Constitution grants no legislative powers to the President. The President has no authority to issue Executive Orders that effect the lives of the American people. Every Executive Order issued is a violation of the Constitution. The three branches of government were created to protect the people, but over the years the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of government have become a three headed monster that serves the interest of the financial elite and holds the rest of us in a state of perpetual bondage.

The ultimate Judge of those serving in the three branches of government is "We the People" and as long as we tolerate incompetence, that is exactly what we will receive. Until "We the People" hold our public officials accountable the peace, prosperity and freedom we once enjoyed will be nothing more that a distant memory.

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I see our problem, not in regards to what the Supreme Court is doing to change the very meaning of the constitution, but how do we get back to the original Constitution 'for' the United States of America. Its still there waiting to be revitalized and it hasn't been altered by the SC. The Constitution 'of' [possessive] the United States of America is not the law of the land. It is nothing more than corporate bylaws of the corporate govt. to be employed or ignored as it suits the owners of the corp govt.-the international banksters. It is being changed continually to serve the agenda of those banksters.

The big question is-how do we get back to square one-Original Jurisdiction.

Only the people who were only citizens of a state had access to a judicial branch and the protections of the common law. Territorial and the later 14th citizens were under legislative control. Citizens via the 14th are under almost unlimited and exclusive legislative control - thus few rights. See Art 4,3,2.

You hit it on the head, Bill. The people that are aware of their status and the fact that judges wear 2 hats are still trying to find their remedies within the 'judicial' venue of the court system, however, with very little success. The judges have been well instructed to press gang any one who tries to obtain a remedy in this manner back into their private administrative venue reserved for those 14th Amendment citizens, the all caps named straw man.

Those fictional entities are the only 'persons' recognized in their private commercial courts and they are the only 'persons' having the capacity to be considered as U.S. citizens. How can a living being be 'born in and subject to the jurisdiction' of a fictional corporation.  The only entity that has that capability is the legal fiction SM. It was, for a fact, 'born in' the U.S. as it was a creation of Govco and it is subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

Our problem is, how do we separate our selves from the SM and still control it. Since it is our transmitting utility, enabling us to obtain the services and goods we need, it makes little sense to discard it. It would make a lot more sense to employ your right of subrogation over the SM through a security agreement that has been properly recorded by the SOS.

Since they will fight tooth and nail to keep you in their system and since the only 2 possibilities of status to operate in that system are either Creditor or Debtor, why not establish yourself as Creditor? As it stands now, everyone interfacing with their system is presumed to be the surety/fiduciary for Govco's SM. Being the fiduciary/surety for the SM [debtor] makes you firmly attached to the SM as debtor as well. Their system [UCC] does provide a remedy under the right of subrogation that changes your status from surety/fiduciary/debtor to secured party creditor. 

Yes But,

Lincoln had already suspended the "Constitution of" even before the 14th Amendment was "passed". They had no constitution to amend.

When Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus and declared Martial Law he suspended the Constitution and became a military dictator. Ever since 1861 the government has been operating without a Constitution. Without a Constitution our government has been hijacked by a band of rich and powerful criminals. James Buchanan was the last lawfully elected President and everyone since then has been a military dictator. There has not been a lawfully convened Congress since the spring of 1861.

To state that we have been operating without a constitution does not appear to be a sound concept.  Absent a constitution that early, the states would have reverted to individual countries again.  We still have a constitution, but the communists have, via the legal system and the Bar, hijacked the trial courts and the gov itself.  It took an act of war to strip state-only citizens of all their common law rights and close all judicial courts.

I think, technically, each and every STATE is  Nation within itself..hence, it makes perfect sense to have more representatives...

The states were independent nations in a voluntarily joined union for the common defense.  That was when each the gov on all levels still recognized each state as having state-only citizens.  Such people are not suppose to be subject to the general lawmaking powers of congress.

Today, under the claim that everyone, including the governors and judges are first and foremost fed citizens, fed law becomes dominate and the states act more like mere fed districts.  Then there is the issue of all the fed money poured into the states giving the fed gov even more power over them.

So, which Constitution is referred to here?  The Organic Constitution or the INC. Constitution; we are all working for the Organic Constitution..right?  

Texas has three counties that are now living under the Organic Constitution and recruiting for more counties to join in...kudos to them and good luck.

Above post is exactly correct...we are free as long as we think, act and know we are free in our own minds and how we react to all life..problems, heartaches, fear, love, morals, values, ethics, etc.  We need to carry that forward on a daily basis and practice using common sense.

I'm not sure why the gov on all levels incorporated since it does not increase its power nor diminish its duties.  So, while some states have found more than one constitution, I think the one that secures the most rights would be the most important.

However, for many decades, the states have only used those instruments for gov organizational purposes and not as instruments that secure any rights to anyone.  The reason for this is that [ it is easy to prove ] the gov is claiming everyone is a 14th / fed citizen first and foremost and those people are not under the common law and have no rights secured by any state constitution.   This is why state judges will not allow a state's bill of rights to be referenced in a proceeding.

I think this tells us in NO uncertain terms that it's time for a Mutiny On The Bounty folks. When the Captain of ANY ship in the universe becomes ill suited for the job, either his second in command or someone else who will challenge his fitness to lead, steps forward and issues a challenge to that "leader", to act as a fit leader or step aside and let someone else right the sinking ship. It is now time for that mutiny.

Who will step forward?

We are ON that sinking ship of STATE, (Deep State)!

And I disagree with this statement in the article:

"The Congress was intended to be the arbiter of the Constitution and not the Supreme Court." 

I think We The People are the final arbiters our rights. Natural Law trumps all law and the Law of Necessity trumps THAT! And We The People trump Trump!


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