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 It's All About Venue - part II

Ok, now that we have established that it is a venue jurisdiction that is being levied against you, let’s take a look at the auto-mobile registration. We all know we are “required” to have a plate made of metal with letters embossed into the surface and attached to the rear of our auto-mobile in order to avoid major hassles with the local constabulary. The fact that this “registration” expires is clear evidence that it is no “registration” at all but merely a TAX placed on your property making you liable to the STATE for that “fee”. So in order to avoid this hassle you simply pay the “fee” and the County TAX collector issues you a new “allow you on my road” sticker till it once again “expires”. Isn’t that funny that it’s the TAX collector who issues this “sticker”? Things that make you go, Hmmm.

Well here’s the good part. When you get that sticker in the mail, you’ll notice that of to the right of the dated sticker there is another one that says “VOID/DO NOT USE/NO USE”. So if you’re not supposed to use that sticker, then why do they even send it? The answer is simple; because by their own rules, that sticker is their state’s VENUE remedy; they have to offer this option, but they don’t have to tell you about it. Why else would they waste their time and the “Taxpayers” money? The use of this “option” is highly discouraged.

Why do they discourage its use? Because this sticker is your optional declaration, should you choose to use it, that removes you from “their state” PUBLIC VENUE and securely places you in “your state” PRIVATE VENUE and they don’t want you to know that.

By placing this smaller “VOID” sticker on “their State’s” license plate (the plate is not yours either), this acts as a reminder to any “policy enforcer” that despite the fact that you are “required” to have a “license” plate, you are in “your state” PRIVATE, COMMON LAW VENUE, “upon the land” and not “in the territory”.  You are declaring that you are not “within” the U.S. territory “carrying” “passengers” and “operating” a “motor vehicle”, but instead are travelling in “pursuit of happiness” and steering your “conveyance”. “Jurisdiction”?

It’s a VENUE issue.

Here's a little help

Here's another one that might help.

Beating Civil Traffic Tickets - Part 2

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actually I got judge Ann Beck (who issues warrants for court costs that violates the constitutions and is debtors prison) to ADMIT she is a statutory court. But even if they admit it it doesn't look like they have to uphold them or the constitution.

It just depends on the color of shit they pull out of their ass that day that matches the decisions on the "color chart" as to what they rule that day. 

I and others have had judges admit that they are 'statutory' and 'non-constitutional statutory' courts.

Statutory means they are courts created by statute by the state legislature or they are courts such as city courts which are authorized and regulated by the legislature.  They are all part of the legislative branch and not part of the judicial branch making them all mere admin / municipal courts imposing the will of the legislature over those people and things over which the legislature is sovereign.

State-only citizens are suppose[d] to have their rights secured by their state constitution and no state constitution grants the legislature the power to use these courts to hear any case in which a state-only citizen is an accused.

Make no mistake about it, the gov. on all levels has declared war upon the people of the states.  It gets worse.  The gov. on all levels now has an official policy in many situations of claiming that individuals have no right to due process.  This means that the gov has even officially declared war even upon 'citizens of the United States' - those people that [who] are fed. citizens via the 14th amendment.

I love the way you can circle back to the 14th Amendment from virtually ANY conversation Bill.

I have yet to view your new amendment that is going to fix it all and repeal the 14th. You have made indications as to what kind of things should be accomplished with your new amendment, but as yet I have no clear language I can vote on for this new amendment of yours.

Please let us see it as you would have it proposed to our respective legislatures. I will back your efforts if you can show me an amendment I can get behind.

I have explained how the 14th has been used by the communists to manipulate the courts into assisting them into changing America from a union of republics to a nation of fed districts and why this distinction is so important.

If you cannot read what the courts have said about the 14th and then see how that has been ignored, then your mind is simply not ready for information that will allow you to see the true fraud of how America has become a communist country or how to at least try and use the existing law to try and combat it.

If I remember correctly, I posted a proposed amendment but it is for the states to enact since the communist controlled congress would never let it happen first on a fed level.

So post it again for us. Thanks.

Instead of posting it in this thread, how about sending me an e-mail to and I will send it to you. Then you can post it as a new item / thread for others to comment on.


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