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According to the 13th Amendment a man cannot be compelled to provide labor without his consent, unless he has been convicted of a crime. How many of our soldiers are forced into military service out of fear that they will be prosecuted and found guilty of a "crime"? The draft, therefore, is absolutely immoral, unjust and unconstitutional.

Men have been forced to kill and be killed in the name war and our government has forced our young men to participate, some even against their will. Their time and their talent has been stolen from them for less money than they would have been compensated if they had not served in the military at all.

An average of 22 veterans commit suicide every day. It is staggering, the number of veterans suffering from PTSD, (post traumatic stress disorder) and the number of men who have died believing that they were fighting for their country; while in reality they were fighting to protect the interests of the Wall Street corporations and make some banking families VERY rich.

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It's ALL ABOUT the Rothschield's Khazarian Mafia Banking Cabal
" Petrodollar ".
In Iraqi, the cover was 'Weapons of Mass destruction'.
In Libya, Guidaffi started selling oil direct thereby bypassing US "Petrodollar". Sadam Hussain did the same thing in Iraq.
Can't 'spies' the beans' and tell our young troops tho.

The Amendment itself is illegal as there is proof the original 13th Amendment was ratified and 2 states changed their state documents to coincide with the passing of the original 13th Amendment.

I' m not sure The Military Draft is not all that bad. I was drafted in the Army in 1964,I was given a great oppurinity to learn new trades and sent to various schools. When I got out of the military in 1966. I enter Technical school and the government paid for all of this training. I was hired by DOD and had a great career.    

The 13th Amendment clearly prohibits people from being forced into involuntary servitude. In the land of the free men and women should not be compelled to do anything against their will.

The amendment only allows the government to force convicted criminals into involuntary servitude. To support the draft you must first turn your back on the Constitution. If McDonalds and Walmart can not force you to work for them, the government should not be allowed to force you to work for them.

The ends to not justify the means. Call me when you can at 951-260-7711


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