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The income tax is a direct and un-apportioned tax and is and always has been, unconstitutional. The compensation that you receive from your labor is not a gain and therefore, not income by definition. In fact, income is the profit one receives from being a government employee or from profits from corporate activity. If a man pays you in watermelons for mowing his lawn, are the watermelons considered taxable income?

The fruits of one's labor are the product of one's time and talent and this is not the same thing as income. Whether your compensation comes in the form of watermelons or dollars, it really doesn't matter. Neither the watermelons nor the dollars that you receive as a result of your labor, are income.

For further evidence to support this I direct you to other articles such as;

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Lots of people who have taken this position in the past are now in prison ... Use article V to repeal the 14th, 16th and 17th and then there will be no more IRS or EPA.

This is a direct tax and is prohibited by the constitution  and besides it wasn't ratified by 3/4 of the states. From what I learned it was passed when congress was out for Christmas recess in 1913 and they held a voice vote.  

This is how they snuck this 16th amendment in and all it is, is a license to steal from the people because the government is supposed to collect taxes at the waters edge. Your income is yours legally.

So we are abiding by a law that is actually not a law and this also goes for the Federal Reserve because it was part of this bill and they are a private banking corporation..which is very very illegal.  Congress needs its job back and to kick the Federal Reserve out!  This is at the root of our problems!

Actually Eric,

It was just the Federal Reserve Act that was passed on Christmas Eve, eve. Dec 23rd, 1913 on a vote of fewer than ten Senators after sending everyone else home for the holidays on the promise that nothing would occur in their absence.

The 16th Amendment was unlawfully declared ratified in Feb of the same year by then Lame Duck Secretary of State, Philander Chase Knox. Don't get me started on this guy. He was one of the members of the rod and gun club along with McKinley, who was responsible for the great Johnstown flood, here in PA.

Their precious little man-made earthen dam didn't hold and many people were killed. None of them EVER went to jail for this crime. They settled out of court. In other words, they paid off the victims.

Scumbags of the Earth, every last one of 'em.

A very good point on the aspect of Labor and Income. Hopefully people will wake up and see for themselves how the American People have been betrayed by their supposed Representatives in government.

You are correct.  However, no one receives watermelons or dollars for compensation for labor or otherwise.  Federal reserve notes and forms 1099's are not income! (They are also NOT dollars)  No Income means no requirement to file.  People need to stop volunteering.

YES i agree with all these comments.

Federal reserve notes are not income; they're actually slave script, so we are under a corporation and they are actually worth ...nothing!  Besides like in the Bible the worker should get the first fruit of his labor. It's time to tell the government to get their hands our of our pockets and make congress accountable to the people!

A Federal Reserve Note is Certificate representing debt. How can an instrument of debt be considered income?

Right on!

Why do you say A federal reserve note is a certificate of debt, when it is just a piece of paper with pictures, letters and numbers?  Federal reserve notes have no legal value because they do not meet the requirements of a legal instrument, and what is written on them is a lie!  Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable and therefore are not instruments of debt.

Online Professor said:

A Federal Reserve Note is Certificate representing debt. How can an instrument of debt be considered income?

well all I know is that they are printed out of thin air and backed up by nothing..kind of like monopoly money but they collect interest on it, which is usury.

The only difference between the fed and counterfeiters is that the government gets interest and they put the other guys out of business because they don't like competition.

The government can throw them in jail and they are doing the exact same thing.  It gets kind of crazy!

Also when you dig into this thing you'll find out that the Rothschilds are behind all the central banks and Nathan Rothschild made the statement that if they control the money of the country he cares not who makes the law!  These guys are ruthless!  That is why the Federal Reserve bank is their bank!

I believe you are referring to this. Yes?

"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ... 
The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire.
And I control the money supply." - Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild


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