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It would be foolish to hire a chimpanzee as your medical doctor. Electing a Congressman who is uneducated on the principles of the Constitution is as irresponsible as hiring 435 chimpanzees to run our country.

The people are individually and collectively responsible to know the principles upon which our nation was founded so that we can hold our elected officials accountable. We cannot govern ourselves unless we know what powers we have delegated to the government.

The Constitution is a rulebook written to define what our government officials can and cannot do. It is not a rule book for the people, it is a list of restrictions and delegated powers for our servant government. We the people are like the referees in a football game. We must understand the rules before we can enforce them.

In order to govern ourselves we need to prevent our federal government officials from exercising powers which have not been delegated to them. Powers not delegated to Congress are strictly prohibited and are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.

Hiring an uneducated doctor would be potentially very dangerous to the health of an individual, but electing uneducated Congressmen could potentially jeopardize the very survival of our nation.

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That is who they are. Chimpanzees working for lobbyists. Not working for America at all.

Why would a typical Federal Legislator vote according to what a lobbyist wishes instead of voting like he thinks internally?  I'm not being facetious.  I wish to hear some opinions on what really is happening.  What is the approach(es) that most lobbyists use to sway our representatives?

There has to be a reason they are worth millions just a few short years after winning an election. The average Congressperson was worth a minimum of 1.1 million, or 12x greater than the medium US household. The median net worth of a Senator is $3.2 million, while the median net worth of a Congressperson is $900,00, while their salary is $174,000 for both Congresspersons and Senators.

How does this happen, unless through insider trading or lobbyists' payoffs.

How does their net income increase a minimum of 20% per year all the way up to $1,700% increase as of 2008?

Judy Chu, D-CA, went up 539% in one year.
Pedro Pierluisi (D_Puerto Rico, went up 1,700% in one year. 
The average incresae in net worth in the top 20 was 422% increase per year.

How does this happen?

Logically, there is also no reason that they don't want the wall, other than they work for corporations, bought and paid for through the intermediary of the lobbyists, who roam freely in the halls of Congress. Corporations who all benefit from illegal alien employees, paid under the table if necessary.

I have a case in which chemicals were used as a weapon to eliminate me from my private property. This was done by my local government officials. An incompetent FBI agent determined no Federal Law has been violated. I need compensated for the damages I have suffered. Look at the evidence in this link and advised me as to what to do now.. please I need help.


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