The accumulation of wealth is the product of an individual's time, talent and effort. The wealth of a man is not determined by the amount of money he has, but by his capacity to produce things that other people want. 

The amount of money in circulation in the United States is controlled by the Federal Reserve which has a vested interest making it difficult for most Americans to survive without borrowing money.

When money is scarce,the people need to borrow money or do without. 

If the supply of money in circulation is increased without a corresponding increase in a Nation's GNP the result is inflation.

The American taxpayers paid over 3 trillion dollars last year to pay the interest on the National Debt. Virtually every American has become a perpetual debt slave in a land that once was free.

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You write of the Federal Reserve. There are some who contend the FED has out of business since December 25 of 2013. What do you think?


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