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Did Congress violate the provisions of the Constitution is 1913 when they voted in favor the the Federal Reserve Act? Did Congress have the authority to grant a privately owned bank the right to issue our money?

If Congress has the authority to issue its own money why are we borrowing money and paying over 2.6 trillion dollars a year in interest?

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Absolute violation of the Constitution

Congress had absolutely NO authority whatsoever to turn our money supply over to individuals and they knew exactly what the consequences would be for doing this.  They should have been hung for treason as should our current Congress for continuing the fraud.  

It was clear during the constitutional making debates that the framers decided against the federal gov. incorporating any organizations and especially banks. Then as now, breaking the law was accomplished in the early 1800s when the federal bank was first established by Congress by not recording the final debates. However, James Madison  and others did record those debates from which was discovered the final decision to exclude federal banks and all incorporating powers from all three branches.

There has not been a de-jure congress since 1861,,    Government is a FRAUD ....

Yes, and the elitists will conquer this world leading us into the NWO.  It's happening right now and there's nothing you can do about it without civil war.

then its a good thing Montana and other states have Militia's forming.   

And not to be picky....a Civil War is a war of separation.

What we need and will have is a 2nd American Revolution.  To re-establish  the 1791 Constitution.  Its time to hit the reset button

I agree!

It is also time to rebuild the congress as it was designed, to represent WE the PEOPLE, with term limits and limited income. Pay their own Social Security, retirement and medical insurance, just like we do.

John, we had one of those and it weakened us so bad we were taken over.

--"Yes, and the elitists will conquer this world leading us into the NWO. It's happening right now and there's nothing you can do about it without civil war."--

Wolf an William know what need to be done, among other things that need to be done which drive the NWO.
In order to do them we need unity. The 1871 corporate contract had a secret agenda of removing the elements of unity from the people so they could never use Article V.

Our power is in our agreement. When that agreement is based in constitutional intent, we gain our ultimate power.

We do not have to agree on everything, just the most important things. A few is adequate.

The first agreement Americans can make is not quite the ultimate of constitutional intent, it is the second in the realm of our constitutions intent.

This agreement I mention is real, but it is also symbolic. What that does is allow the specific agreement without creating the impression in people they are agreeing to things they do not want to.

The purpose of free speech.

The purpose is to assure information vital to survival is shared and understood.

At this moment, we are not a "we". The word "it" describes us. It the public or it the masses. Agreement makes us a "we".

The concept of preparatory amendment, if utilized as a voter unity tool, will create that agreement adequately to protect us from any improper effort to runaway with the convention.

Legislators know that they can get away with perjury, treason, etc. and the constituents will not hold them accountable....  "My congressman is OK, it's the others that have to go".  If We the People ever get smart enough to understand, and believe, that this country is going down the tubes, then.....   maybe.....  those moronic legislators will be removed at election time....   barring all the election fraud and corruption that is allowed to go unchallenged....  where's the GOP in all this????

We are a two party system but you cannot tell the difference between the two as it's now and has been for years a smoke and mirrors game.  Only civil war can undo what has been done and it will take decades.  To hold them accountable will be giving them a death sentence.

People who do not research believe in voting. If voting was real it would be illegal.


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