Should President Trump abolish the Bureau of Land Management and Pardon

the Patriots associated stand offs in Oregon and Nevada events?

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I'd be happy to see the BLM gone.  Pardoning--yes.  One of my next things is to fight against the agency swat teams that have proliferated.  Find all that ammo and gear and auction it off to the people--or even to retailers & the public.  My best, most direct link to the President right now is busy at our state capital, but the swats are on my list.  The BLM should at least be cleaned out.  County Sheriffs have intervened with these agencies in the past, as in allowing people to clean up forest debris, for instance.  EPA, BLM, Forestry, etc. denying water sources, etc. needs to stop.  I'm thinking the new administration will get into the weeds regarding these things.  Right now it seems like they are dealing generally with issues.  I think that will change.

Great opinions, I agree.




Absolutely and HRC should also be brought into it.. she had the BLM, which is illegal, take control of it and sold the uranium to Russia; also the BLM cannot own land even for a short while!  Actually, this land belongs to the Paiute Indians..LaVoy was murdered because he was aiding them in getting this land back!  The FBI should be indicted for murder of LaVoy..all political prisoners should be released and given $50,000 for what they have illegally been brought into and have had taken away from them.

Reid should be charged for his part in this travesty also!

But of course! Both and!


What constitutional authority does he have to abolish anything?

He should not pardon anyone.

The BLM is an agency of the Executive branch. He can close them down tomorrow and lock the doors, and he should.

So you are an establishment troll?


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