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If I Were all Powerful

The question was posed ;

"If you were President and could do anything you want, what would you do first?"

So of course I asked myself, what would I do? Here's what I came up with.

  1. Immediately, by Presidential Proclamation, lift any and ALL War or Emergency Powers that are currently in force and immediately begin flying the proper banner to represent peacetime in America. Remember, "All Wars are Bankers Wars."
  2. ELIMINATE THE FED! Put them all on trial for sedition and treason.
  3. Close down the IRS! Put their leaders on trial for fraud.
  4. Form Citizen's Grand Juries and inform them of their duty. And;
  5. Arrest everyone in Congress, and every single Democrat in ANY office top to bottom, using the newly privatized juries, "A well regulated militia", and the U. S. Marshall. Charge them all with sedition and treason and other federal crimes. Let them plea their way out. Fill these seats with honorable people, who will adhere to the restrictions of the Constitution, of or for the united states and the American people.
  6. Provide as well, for new Congressional seats, based on a strict adherence to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, wherein; "The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand,.." Each state should be prepared to immediately redraw their congressional district maps and fill by issuing writs of election, the proper number of seats to be filled. Congress should then immediately assign these seats to The House. Pennsylvania would currently qualify for 427 seats in this new Congress. California would qualify for over 1300 Representatives to meet this requirement. In total at the current time, The House of Representatives would have over 10,000 Lawmakers.
  7. Declare the 17th Amendment null and void due to it's violation of Article V, wherein; " State, without it's Consent, shall be deprived of it's equal Suffrage in the Senate." Require every state to supply the Senate with two appointees each.
  8. Declare the 13th, 14th, and 16th Amendments unconstitutional and thus null and void as well. Re-institute the original 13th Amendment restriction re: Titles of Nobility and lawyers in politics.
  9. Close down every single federal Agency or organization that violates the restrictions of the 9th and 10th Amendments and Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, wherein; "Congress shall have the power...To exercise exclusive Legislation in all cases whatsoever over such may by Cession of particular States.., become the seat of the Government of the United States...(not to exceed ten miles square)". All of them! Especially the Dept. of Education and the BLM. Send them all to the border.
  10. Immediately close down the border to Mexico, from Texas to California, using the newly fired employees of all those agencies you just closed as newly trained border Agents.
  11. Immediately privatize our public, (government) education, (indoctrination), system, (by force of law). Let each school teach what they will. Let the people vote with their feet, as to which ones will survive.

Ok? So there's my list, (so far). Keep in mind, however, that it is subject to review and change in the future. I'm pretty sure I haven't thought of everything so you're welcome to add your own.

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I would demand his duty to accommodate my faith of noit respecting persons of law and to do an audit on the account to do a determination of worth to extract myself as Christ's minister from this false god sl;ave camp worshipping a false god constitutionj that has added to and taken away from God's law//They are a defacto false god government havinbg a duty to go to hardship to accommodate faith..My Bibloe tells me if I respect persons I am a sinner//Al of the US offices operate under personage and assume your a person unless you demand acccommodation..Reading Ezra 7:23-26 remove the false god worshiprs excuse as the meaning of minister in Ezra does not change in in  Romans 13..It is a pulpitist fraud to get us to submit!!

I support of  all these with the caveat that there be no lifetime wages after leaving office. To have the correct number of representation, we could never afford to pay them, so serving would have to be serving and being paid, then leaving office and leaving the paycheck. It's a two-fer.

I would also announce that Roe v Wade is not law, nor is Obergefell. SCOTUS does not write law and cannot without abolishing the Constitution in entirety. I would also announce there is no jurisdiction in the courts for immigration, it is entirely up to Congress and the POTUS.

I would also announce Natural Law, the Law of Nature and Nature's God is the Spirit of the Constitution, and all laws that do not conform to God's standard are pretended legislation and will be annulled.

The IRS, the FED, the FIB, the BLM, Dept of Ed, would be gone in a heartbeat. Whatever lands the Feds wanted control over, they would have to purchase or be given, as the constitution says, from or by the states.

The Duties of the Sheriffs would be revealed, they are to arrest those who violate the state and/or the local and/or the federal laws, therefore, all Sanctuary Governors and Mayors, would have their rears handed to them while sitting in federal prison.

The movement to tie Electoral College votes to the popular vote would be written as an amendment into the Constitution, so that our protections against democracy would be re-established. The 17th A would be repealed and the Senators elected by the states.

The information about Incorporated U.S.A. would also be revealed. The states would be restored as sovereign republics.

Those who publish textbooks would have to actually research and write the truth, right along with the Christian world view. All decisions outlawing the Ten Commandments and prayer would also be outlawed and overturned.

I would end the "right" to drop out of high school. I would propose (not law) that all high school tech prep programs be converted to post-high-school entities and that all high schools teach 4 years of math, science, American history, European history, language, civics, and that graduation from high-school THEN students choose tech-prep, community college, 4-year college or university, or newly developed apprenticeship programs. People must once again receive a true education.

From my lips to God's ears. Amen.

Thanks for your input.

There are a million things that need to be done, but a top twenty list is a good start.

A good start would be to return as quickly as possible to the restrictions of Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, wherein;

"The number of Representatives shall not exceed One for every thirty Thousand,.."

What part of "...shall not exceed..." do they not understand?

Morton, You did a GREAT job, Keep it up. It

should be read by everyone and be enforced.

Bishop: alvin roy langley

thx for the encouragement and thx for helping out with the computer deal.

I'll be an Elector who would vote for you for President.

An idea I have for us to have our One Representative per 30,000 returned takes into account that it would be difficult for 100,000 Congressman to intelligibly hold session.

Have the U.S. House of Representatives within each and every State filled with the U.S. Representatives of that State. They will be close to their Constituents and possibly more controllable by the People. By Majority Vote that U.S. House of Representatives will pass a Bill. Other State House of Representatives may or may not Introduce and pass the Comparable Bill. Once a Majority of U.S. House of Representatives have passed a Bill. Fifty-One States; It will enter into the U.S. Senate which would once again have it's Senators Chosen by the State Legislatures. Thereby giving back to the State gov't Representation in the Federal gov't and making it once again a united States. How can it be a United States when State gov't is no longer Represented by Senators?

Trump is a Pussy and he wont do any of the above which means all of you should start preparing for and getting involved in Plans B, C and D already underway.

No matter what happens going forward, your fate, like everyone else, will be sealed in one of the 3 options coming.

Don't think for one minute that this is a plan of attack. It is simply meant to illustrate how far down the rabbit hole we've fallen. It's time for men everywhere to stand up and take our country AND our government back from those who have stolen it for ill gotten gains.

We have a new plan of attack that focuses on challenging each state legislature to file the proper number of requests for Congressional seats and refuse to accept anything less.

Hang in there. We are just getting started and we're not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of others willing to fight and win.

Welcome to the revolution!


I have asked before and received no answer to this question. How do we pay for this huge increase in representatives?

I have addressed this and other issues in articles which can be found in the representation folder. Articles like "The Cost of Representation" for instance.

Here's a little more on the subject JK,

I got this from the NY Times of all places. These are some of the reasons large districts are not good and more Representatives is better.

"For starters, how does a single lawmaker stay in touch with the concerns of three-quarters of a million people? The answer is she doesn’t. Research shows that representatives of larger districts are more likely to take political positions at odds with what a majority of their constituents want. These representatives are also ripe targets for lobbyists and special interests, whose money enables them to campaign at scale, often with misleading messages. Special interests are more likely than regular voters to influence policy positions and votes.

Second, the cap on the number of House members leads to districts with wildly varying populations. Montana and Wyoming each have one representative, but Montana’s population — 1.05 million — is nearly twice the size of Wyoming’s. Meanwhile, Rhode Island, which has roughly the same population as Montana, gets two seats. These discrepancies violate the basic constitutional principle of one-person-one-vote, causing voters to be unequally represented in the chamber that was designed to offset the Senate, where every state gets two seats regardless of population.

Third, the size of the House determines the shape of the Electoral College, because a state’s electoral votes are equal to its congressional delegation. This is one of the many reasons the college is an unfair and antiquated mechanism: States that are already underrepresented in Congress have a weaker voice in choosing the president, again violating the principle that each citizen should have an equal vote."

We’ll see but I’m referring to the Catalyst that will spiral us into Civil Unrest and WAR...

so far it’s the 

then Occupy Washington next and then Militias will mobilize (which is already slowly happening)

idk about your legislature crap - doesn’t matter to me since it’s still in ‘their’ Criminal Fraud Gov’t on our land.


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