Your Honor , You Are Dispicable

There have been a total of 110 individuals through our history who have served on the Supreme Court and only one of them was ever impeached. Samuel Chase was put on trial, but Congress failed to obtain the necessary votes to convict him.

Most Americans have been taught that the Supreme Court judges are appointed for life, but this is simply not true. If you read the provisions of Article III, it states that Judges shall serve during periods of good behavior.

Since the Judges are never evaluated, they are able to routinely violate the Constitution without ever being held accountable. Virtually every profession has standards that are used to evaluate the job performance of employees. Why is it that the Supreme Court Judges are not required to have their job performance evaluated from time to time?

It is not uncommon for incompetent teachers, lawyers, and doctors to be banished from their respective professions, but Supreme Court Judges are never held accountable for their treasonous actions. I think that every member of the Supreme Court should be evaluated every few years and that those who are found to have violated their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution should be removed from office and indicted for treason.

How can an employer expect excellent service from his employees if the employees' job performance is never evaluated?

When a doctor or a lawyer violates their professions' code of ethics they are guilty of malpractice. Those who hold positions of trust must be held to a higher degree of accountability. If the performance of the Justices (Judges), of the Supreme Court are never evaluated, they cannot be held accountable. When a Justice violates his or her oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, they are guilty of an impeachable offense.

Instead, what we have today is Judges who are selected on the basis of their political ideology rather than their personal integrity, intelligence and reputation.

They have become the puppets of the Legislative and Executive Branches of government and a result, many of their decisions are based on what they think is right rather than on what the Constitution says.

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No one does. That is sad as so many have been very bad and have hurt our country and the Constitution.

Start with the bonding process.

Find all Judges US Wide that have violated the OATH and BONDING process.

Get millions of signatures on Affidavits demanding impeachment and go after Congress to fulfill their roles.

Need to somehow find a way to bring this to a national debate..for a definite discussion.

Bring it up at your next town meeting. Better yet, have a town meeting yourself and invite your Rep. to come and address YOUR issues, not what he thinks are your issues. How's that?

Anyone who has been damaged by "child protection services" different names in some states, or "adult protection services" can file an affidavit with the class action on
Class Action Suit against CPS/APS
John Darash - 03/28/2015 - 12:47 - 1 comment
... 127:3-5 Tell Me Why De facto judges, CPS and APS workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnaping racket [RICO]. ... that have seized our courts. It you have an issue with CPS, APS, Family Court and Juvenile Court and you like to join our class action ...

Submitted By John Darash Tuesday, Mar 24th, 2015 02:33 PM

John Darash has sent you a group email from National Liberty Alliance.

PASS THE WORD - Special meeting to discuss "class action suit" for all Family Court cases which includes custody, juvenile criminal court and any CPS problem.

WHEN - Wednesday 9PM EST

WHERE - Telaconference You can join us by phone or your internet browser go here for details and follow our Mondy nite protocal >


remember to bring up CRIS  court registry investment systems,, yes the courts make a bundle a money from adolesents,, its the money they want, find it on youtube  creo harmony  cris,, and you will see

in a so called "democracy"  i would think a petition with so many signatures would make a difference,  

its not only stealing, but doing whatever the hell they want !!

but these saturn worshippers had it all figured out a long time ago how to keep stealing the money and protect theirselves in the process.  like im posted before, abraham lincoln suggested the govt needs overthrown when it gets to a condition so corrupt, 

i guess we should learn from iceland>> how they overthrown their own government and have a true democracy

It was Thomas Jefferson who suggested that government couldn't be trusted and a revolution every generation, replacing EVERYONE in government, was the best idea to keep the people free. Hence his natural opposition to Alexander's ideas about a huge centralized government, with interests in a central bank, the stock market, big cities, metropolises, like ancient Greece I suppose and corporations, etc.

the way i see it is like this;  over the past decades people have tried to fight the criminals with PAPER[S], and the fight goes on, its doing no good even though the freedom fighters are getting smarter i see no signifigant change in the criminal activity with the govt.  

we need every freedom group appointed together and militia groups and an elected speaker, and proceed with abraham lincoln sugessted, i already nknow the US corp purchased over 1 billion rounds of ammunition, and thats for americans, you better believe it. oh its comin.  and they constANTLY BASH THE SOVEREIGNS NOW, WHICH IS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

you can fight with papers till youre blue in the face and another decade goes by and the people are still slaves under the rule of ceasar,  we are under roman law right now, look it up. liberty is a temporary privilage and freedom must be fought for !! what is this place i ask myself everyday?????

in your own little community you may have political friends,  but when the troops come in and break down your doors for your guns,, theres nothing you will be able to do, 

well i judge the judges and many people have in the past, remember 4 dead IN O-H-I-O- ?
protesting does nothing, they will just show up with their weaponry and violently stop it even if it means innocent deaths, so therefore by common sence the PEOPLE must have a bigger force and millions in reserve, SORRY TO SAY BUT THATS WHAT IT MUST COME TO,

its like this " youre a no good crook, we can prove it and youre done, we dont want you no more" and do it by physical means, if not the person has others to cover it up and fight the paper[s] we file, its a one way street
we keep thinking to ourselves everyday how to stop it, but they have thinked it out years ahead of time. i see many nmany freedom groups and haerd of and seen many papers and papers filed and submitted, and its no good, it may help just a fraction,

if the people go after the crooks they are faced with guns. WHY? even if they can prove crimes of felony we cannot touch them, WHY? dont you see they have it all fuigured out? and they still do today,


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