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My Pledge of Allegiance

"I was born free and am entitled to all of the rights granted to me by my Creator. Freedom is my birthright and preserving it is my responsibility.

I pledge allegiance to my Creator and to the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. I will respect the lives, liberty and property of others and demand that my rights be respected. I will never seek to gain a political or financial advantage over another human being.

I will respect my neighbor's right to think, act and believe whatever he wishes and will expect him of afford me the same opportunity. I will honor this commitment to the best of my ability and will endeavor to listen to my conscience and always seek to do what is right."

- Keith Broaders

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We can start by pledging allegiance to principles instead of pledging allegiance to a flag. 

"I pledge to follow the 10 commandments, abstain from being a nosy body and control freak, help those in need that cross my path, treat everybody fairly even if they are a personality clash, do nobody injury and if I do I will pay the damages. So help me God"

by Enough Said....... 

I would never sign such a piece of pacifist garbage.

You and Neville Chamberlain would have made  great butt buddies. 

Kill 'em all ... let Allah or Buddha sort 'em out!

Jim Bertram


I think what you are doing is good but the Republic is gone .

I woul not change our current Allegiance as it has changed to much already.As a matter of fact, I think I would prefer to go back and revisit the initial allegiance. That being said what you wrote sounds good.

That's getting back to Common Law as opposed to Admiralty/ Maritime Law. Sound good to me

I am pledge allegiance to the Federal Reserve and to the money they create out of thin air and to the corporations for whom they steal, one nation deceived ot their liberty with justice for those who can afford it.

Yup , do no harm ; love thy neighbor and leave me alone ; sign me up .

My friend Michael Badnarik often says "Don't Hurt Me and Don't Take My Stuff." 

You don't know MY neighbors.

Thanks for the back up.

How about this;"He hath showed thee,O man,what is good;and what doth the Lord require of thee,but to do justly,and to love mercy,and to walk humbly with thy God." (Micah 6:8)


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