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The united States is not a country, but your state is. Each of the fifty states are a union of states united for the purpose of defending the lives, liberty and property of the people, while promoting equality and justice for all.

When people in a particular state voted to ratify the Constitution, they gave their consent to create a government that would collectively serve the people in all of the states.

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I am glad to see this put out there so that people can see the truth. We were not founded to be one nation under God. We were founded as a union of States. The European Union is a prime example of what our founding fathers intended. The Southern states chose to remove themselves from the union they had freely joined at one time just as Great Britain is exiting the European union today. The difference is that the European union does not have a dictator and they have a union that is still new enough that people have not been subjugated into complacency as a single nation. If I knew of a way I would withdraw my citizenship from the United States and advocate for being just a citizen of the sovereign state of Ohio. To see further what it entails. all citizens are subject to the income tax because you have accepted citizenship in the United States when you were given a Social Security card and admitted to being a resident of Washington DC. just living in a different location. It is why the tax documents state what state do you live in.


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